Belluccia is dedicated to Debi’s mother, aunt, and uncle…all talented creative people who inspired her to become an artist.

It was created with Brides and Invitation Designers in mind, though it is a great choice for any project seeking a custom hand lettered/flourished look.
As a calligrapher, Debi has worked with brides for many years. While they loved the look of hand lettered calligraphy, their budgets limited their use of it. With that in mind, Debi sought to create a font that could mimic custom calligraphy at a fraction of the price. And thus, Belluccia was born, to the delight of brides worldwide!

What’s unique about the Belluccia font family is the ability to turn on various features (Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Swashes, Old Style Figures) to auto-magically swap out letter sets with alternate versions, allowing you to easily type your messages, while creating the visual diversity that gives you the unique look of custom lettering.

Bellucia comes in both Pro and Standard format fonts. For those with programs that can take advantage of OpenType features, the Pro fonts are for you, but for others without the ability to use OpenType features, we’ve created separate Standard fonts that make up the styles contained within the Pro font.

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