Divine Elemente is a web design software (Photoshop plugin):

It creates a “non-existent bridge” between Photoshop and WordPress (Photoshop to WordPress)
Focused on designers, bloggers, and everybody who knows Photoshop a little
And doesn’t want to get hands dirty with hand coding a WordPress theme

Its main purpose is:

To convert a design from Photoshop to HTML / CSS / PHP code. No coding. Fast & easy.
And provide a Marketplace to easily share / sell your gorgeous works.

What is the difference from other similar Photoshop to WordPress solutions?

No coding (in Photoshop too!): Create a basic theme, put graphics to groups, publish!
Easy: download a theme in PSD, add few alterations, and publish in a minute!
Fast: You can publish 200mb PSD in less than a minute!
Unique features: pixel precise typography, custom fonts, seamless stretch, 960 grid, etc.

Price: $199.00Buy Now »