Now that the hype around Google+ went down a little, I thought it was interesting to do a post listing some good resources that are popular and useful if you want to use Google’s social network seriously. But first, take a minute to add me to your circles on Google+.

Guides, Tutorials and tips

1. Getting started with Google+

Social media expert Chris Brogan wrote this article to teach you how to get started using Google+. He also recorded some very useful screencasts for that video. Read the article.

2. Google+, the complete guide

Exhaustive article by Mashable that walks you through every Google+ functionality you need to know about. Get started with hangouts, circles, photos, sharing,… Read the article.

3. Infographic: Facebook vs Google+

You don’t have to make a choice between the two popular social networks, you can obviously be active on both. However, it is good to have an understanding of both of these networks to make the most out of it. This infography makes a great job explaining the differences in details.

4. 30 Google+ Tips to Enhance Your Google Plus Experience

Some good tips relating to become a Google+ power user. Learn how to get better at formatting, edit photos, mute posts,… Read the article.

5. Google+ cheat sheet

A comprehensive Google Plus cheat sheet to remind you how to do things on Google’s social network. It comes in many languages too. View the cheat sheet.

Google Plus tools

6. Adding the Google +1 button to your website

Social media buttons are often added to the web pages to encourage readers to interact with the content and share it. For installing the Google +1 button, check out Google’s page about it.

7. PlusYa

Google profile URL shortener with analytics. Visit website

8. Hangout Party

Find and join some Google hangouts. Visit website.

9. PlusMe

Make yourself a Google+ profile picture, or create a picture to announce that you’ve moved to Google+ on Facebook or Twitter. Visit website.

10. PSD Google+ icons

A set of elegant Google Plus icons in PSD format. Visit page.

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