A website is a powerful tool for a business nowadays and can be a decisive factor in determining a company’s success. Though there are new innovative platforms available online like Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), a lot of thought and effort must still be put into designing a website if you want to maximise its potential, thus it is something that cannot be rushed.

1. Get the release on point

First and foremost, whilst you may be keen to release your website and attract an audience, do not post any links to your site before it is ready. It’s awfully frustrating for visitors to be greeted with an “Under Maintenance/Construction”. This is considered to be one of the biggest mistakes in web design. Can you imagine a shop propping an open sign on the door when they don’t actually have anything to sell? Use this mind-set with your website!

2. Don’t fall into disorganisation

With the last tip in mind, you should remain organised with your website and have a release date in mind. You should also ensure that the website itself is organised and use the site’s template to full effect. A chaotic website often leads to a frustrated user who will quickly give up and head elsewhere. The traffic to your website is dependent on repeat visitors and few people will bookmark a website that makes them stressed.

3. Consider customer advertisements carefully

In the current market, advertisements are huge and you’ll be hard pressed to find a site free from ads, even more so now so much is given for free. And whilst many adverts sit nicely on the age, this may lead them to being missed by the user, however, many will be blinding with annoying pop ups or garish music, making visitors want to escape the site as quickly as possible. If used properly, ads contribute to essential income and this is something that can’t be done not properly, particularly if you are using free web hosting. Whilst you don’t want the ad to be ignored, it’s important to make the ad not look like an ad, something which can be achieved with uniform design.

4. Stay away from jargon but don’t be overly cautious

It’s likely that the visitor to your site headed that way to access a service they are interested in, or to lean something valuable and interesting. Though, if your site is loaded with jargon and confusing content then whatever they’re receiving is useless as it’s likely to be completely irrelevant and pointless information. More often than not, users are never going to read the entirety of the page but instead will skim the pages for relevant and useful information. If it can’t be found as it simply isn’t there, or is hidden under meaningless jargon, they’ll never find it. Similarly, stray away from confusing language and the trap of falling into loading your site with lack of content by being too cautious. A visitor should be able to find all of the information they are looking for so be sure to always include an “About Us” and “Contact Us” page.

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