This year has been huge for gaming. There has been a huge wave of games and a lot of tech has taken a huge step forward too. It looks like we are in the very early stages of a VR reality boom and Nintendo, Valve and Playstation are all making the push to try and bring this new form of gaming into a brand-new level of niche categorisation. Of course, you also have the brand-new quirky game from Nintendo. This is otherwise known as bring the Ring Fit Adventure. Apple are bringing out the Apple Arcade and Google Stadia are now trying to do everything they can to get gaming streaming underway. So let’s look at what else is shaping up so far.

Possible Trends in 2020

One of the biggest trends in 2019 looks to be taking a foothold for 2020. This is VR gaming. This year the PSVR system has been offering a lot of games that are very appealing. They include the Iron Man game. Nintendo Labo are also trying to provide a gateway into VR as well. They have expanded their offerings and they are also trying to set brand new trends. A tech that is not going to be entering the market however is the idea of hologram gaming. A lot of this is actually based on the adoption of 3D tech. This has fizzled out and not many people are interested in it anymore. One trend that is going to get even bigger, based on market statistics is the idea of handheld technology. Thanks to the mobile gaming market, it’s really taken off and this is showing a brand-new movement. A few of the casinos that are breaking into the mobile gaming market include 888 and CasinoLasVegas. They are now hosting a huge range of mobile games and they also adapt the casino games that they have to suit the mobile niche as well, meaning that people can access a huge range of games regardless of what device they are coming from.

Online Betting

Online betting is synonymous with gaming, and with the rise of mobile gaming, it’s not hard to see why the betting industry is also being bolstered. Sites such as Bwin and Betfair have excelled here, as they provide a huge range of betting options across a number of devices. Some of the top casinos when it comes to mobile games allow users to deposit money while also giving a huge range of bonuses too, such as MrPlay.

Mobile and Handheld Gaming

They might not be too immersive or even very detailed, but at the end of the day, mobile gaming is convenient and it can provide everyone with a great deal of entertainment too. People love to game and this is a trend that online casino operators have thrived on. Studies have shown time and time again that the gambling industry is growing and this could mean great things for the tech industry. Of course, CoolCat Casino have grown a lot since they started and now they are able to offer a huge range of casino games. 

Another thing that should be noted is that holograms have been doing the rounds for a number of years now. That being said, it hasn’t been able to make it into the world of gaming. Holograms really are effective in providing gamers with a very immersive experience, but bringing this kind of tech into a living room might be difficult. 

Augmented Reality 

Pokemon GO caused quite a stir. Gamers are now screaming out for a much more immersive experience and even though gaming is being driven by platforms, it would appear that mobile gaming is opening up a whole new world. This is just a taste of what’s to come. Sure, the graphics of AR haven’t taken off yet but as the graphics continue to improve, it’s safe to say that there are going to be even more games released onto the market. The form of gaming really does depend on smartphones as they need to keep on penetrating the homes of lower-income families. China are having to launch an assault on this market in general so that they can make sure that there is no shortage of gamers. This will help them to market their latest creations and it will also help them to build their market for the future.

Big Studio Games

A lot of people are fixated on big studio games. There are some releases lined up and there are even some indie developers out there as well. They might not have the budget needed to deliver games that are as big or even as spectacular as what’s being produced by the likes of Rockstar but that being said, they are breaking through and they are bringing out more and more innovations that are bound to take the market by storm.


This is one of the many trends that is struggling to break through in terms of the gaming industry. The main reason for this is because the gaming industry relies on visuals. Right now, not all games are being developed so that they have the capabilities of 3D but if you give it a few years then you may find that it becomes standard. Right now, glasses are needed to bring the world of 3D to life, but people are starting to think that these may not be required for a very long time. People want to make gaming as realistic as possible and 3D is an essential ingredient if this is going to happen. Head and eye-tracking may enter the market and if it does then this may just turn things around for a tech that has fizzled out in the past. 

Less Reliance on Disks and More Reliance on the Cloud Store 

5G is now on the horizon and it’s soon going to be expected that internet speeds are going to be reaching blistering speeds. With all of this, it means that purchasing games on the store is essentially going to become more popular. People may feel the need to stream games rather than download them and with this form of gaming it’s safe to say that gamers are always going to be playing the latest versions and music and even movies have gone the same way.

With so much being done to try and boost the gambling, gaming and video industry, things really have come such a long way and that everything is progressing nicely. Who knows what the future holds? But right now, it’s safe to say that if things keep going like they are, we could be seeing some very exciting movements, and this is going to benefit a huge range of industries. 

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