When I first spotted this, it immediately reminded me of Mirko’s previous entries about papercuts – the only difference is that these are called metalcuts, which are equally fascinating.

These fold-up metal sculptures are created by Sam Buxton, a British product designer who dedicated himself to carve out the Mikro-Man and Mikro-House series by using advanced technology mainly introduced in electronic industry which produced chemical milled stainless steel for his artworks. In an interview, he said that his creative interests are mainly art and architecture combined with astronomy and science. He also believes that design covers an “incredibly broad spectrum of interesting fields” and likes the idea of ambiguity – where he somehow feels that there are no boundaries.

I wanted the Mikro miniatures to be snapshots of real life that people recognise. Hospitals, office job, airport security. It’s a chance for me to edit out of everyday life those elements I find unusual and totally contemporary.

His first Mikro-Man product was launched in 2001 and gained praises for his achievement in being able to create innovative concept with steel. Buxton, along with other designers, really has an eye for detail. And I find it really exceptional by looking at his works. I mean, don’t you agree? You can even get these miniature bendable steel products for as low as $15. 🙂 Well, I am not actually trying to sell any of his products out, but isn’t the price good enough for a priceless collection?

By Sarah Malanyaon

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