You are a small or middle business owner who has successfully made it until 2020. Perhaps, you would continue on the local market if not for COVID19, pandemic, and quarantine. People are locked in their apartments, their abilities are limited, and a lot of shopping needs are temporarily postponed. Maybe, they are dying for a cup of coffee, tasty burger, or croissant from your restaurant, but now, they cannot physically buy it because you are closed for quarantine.

If you had a website, your loyal customers would still enjoy their favorite products from your company, and you would not feel that hard subsidence for your business. These are seven reasons why you should create a website for your business if you want it to survive the crisis.

1. Scaling the business

It is an evident reason and not just during unexpected situations like a pandemic and other crisis. When you go online, you open incredible possibilities in front of your business. 93% of purchases start with an online search. If you make a website (, it will be easier to catch new customers who are looking for the products or services you offer. Moreover, it will allow you to implement modern digital marketing techniques: SEO, PPC, target advertising, etc. to grow even more. Instead of closing your business for an indefinite term, you will simply sell your products or services online.

2. Prove your professionalism

In the 2020 digitalized world, businesses that are not found online are not perceived seriously. Many may regard it is a temporary project that is even not worth attention. Creating a website will prove your professionalism and a strong desire to improve, grow, and develop. Moreover, it will prove your loyalty to the customers as an online page would save much of their time, they would spend checking the assortment of your services and products offline. With a modern and convenient website, they can check everything they want lying on the couch in their guestrooms, which is especially topical in the conditions of the pandemic.

3. Control the narrative

It matters what others speak about your business, but no one can tell your story better than you. Web development is a wonderful opportunity to make up your own narrative in the way you see it. Let the customers hear about your history, aims, plans, priorities, inspirations, what is the sense you put into the creation and development of your business. The company’s message to the world may also become a point that can attract many people, forming a loyal like-minded audience that will support you even in times of severe crisis.

4. Maximize ROI

Web development demands investment, and many business owners, especially if their business is not big, think that the income from the website will not cover the expenses. Is it true? In fact, the practice shows that the return on investment is much higher than you may expect. At the beginning, you will pay for the design, work of frontend and backend developers, content maker, etc. But once your website is ready, it will incredibly increase the audience, and if you implement a successful marketing campaign, your reputation will strengthen, and sales will grow. Moreover, web development is a one-time necessity, while the effect will be constant.

5. Compete with the business giants

In the conditions of crisis, just the strongest survive. If you scale just for the local market, it does not mean you would not have to compete with the regional or even global giants. Thus, for example, during quarantine, people can freely order delivery from big companies, as they have got websites and active social media accounts. Can they order from you? No way. Even if they like your products more, they would not have another choice except for buying from your competitors. Their income will grow, the audience’s loyalty strengthens, while your business will lose customers, revenue, and reputation as the ones that did not care about their customers’ convenience.

6. More constructive conversations

Whether you decide to make corporate sites or eCommerce (depending on the type of your business), you will expand your possibilities of interaction with your existing and potential customers. First of all, they will be able to leave feedback about the quality of the products they’ve bought, or services received. It will provide you with an insight on what is cool about your company and what you would have to improve. Second, they would be able to know more about you, using the chat form. So, you will learn about people’s concerns. The point is that with web development services, you would manage to track the visitor’s behavior on your website. You will check what interests them and adjust your business according to their needs and expectations.

7. Expand your working hours

When you create a website, we can say that your company will start working 24/7. It will be bound neither by the locational nor timely frames. Your customers will be able to check the assortment, discounts, offers, or to place an order any day and at any time. Is it a wonderful opportunity? This is exactly what you need during crisis – maximum accessibility and minimum limits.

 Final word

Whether you are a small business owner or a global giant, web development services are topical as never before, and it does not depend on whether you want to play safe for the crisis times or develop your business successfully. How to make a website? You can always create it on your own, using the video manuals, or contact the specialists. The choice is yours. The truth is one – business in 2020 without a website has little chances to survive.

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Mirko Humbert

Mirko Humbert is the editor-in-chief and main author of Designer Daily and Typography Daily. He is also a graphic designer and the founder of WP Expert.