Let’s take a brief look at some huge changes in the telecommunication sector:

  • 2G fundamentally changes the way we use SMS
  • 3G beefs up how and when we can use mobile web browsing
  • 4G ushers in the current era of mobile content streaming

With every new generation of wireless technology, the ground has shifted in terms of how we use our wireless devices and technologies. The fifth generation of the new global wireless standard – 5G – is creating new, exciting possibilities in how we communicate and use this tech.

The potential of 5G is unreal, and it has made any iOS and/or android developer consider what they should do to prepare for 5G mobile app development. We’ve already examined the future of mobile app development. But, in this post, we will be specifically focusing on how 5G is poised to shake things up.

The Internet of Things

More people are using mobile technology with each passing year. That means the internet of things (IoT) has grown exponentially over the course of the past few years. In fact, IoT is in a position to surpass mobile devices. A study by Ericsson has estimated that there will be 23% annual growth in IoT devices – that sets the predicted number of connected devices in 2021 roughly in the neighborhood of 28 billion. The massive increase in IoT devices has led to developers and providers scrambling to get the correct infrastructure to market and meet the ever-growing demand. AT&T and Verizon are two major telecommunication giants that are working quickly to install 5G antennas everywhere. 

The increase in IoT demand and its capabilities are both contributing to an increased focus by developers. Developers are working to perfect the development capabilities in environments like Node.js to make faster ways to connect devices. Additionally, software developers are working to expand capacity and decrease latency to create a rapidly responsive application.

Future Tech

Drone technology, telemedicine, self-driving, and even virtual reality are some ways that industries are using the increased power of 5G’s capacity. 5G has made a huge splash in healthcare, too. Recently, 5G networks have been utilized to perform remote surgery. Surgeons in a different location can use virtual reality goggles and haptic feedback gloves to get real-time feedback and allow the surgeon the sensation of being in the operating room.

In the automotive industry, 5G will be used in the development of self-driving cars. The fifth generation of wireless technology will also be used to improve traffic flow. Google is turning to 5G to test their self-driving cars using AI integration. The use of 5G is crucial to AI integration because the collection and analysis of large amounts of data with a 5G network from the driving environment will allow AI to make better split-second decisions.


With an increased reliance on the internet of things, and a world that is already becoming accustomed to 5G, it’s easy to see how 5G is primed to reshape how an iOS or Android developer thinks about creating a mobile web application.

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