In the past months, I’ve had several people coming up to me with ideas of products to sell online and ask me how to use a website builder. They were usually discussing with me to understand what would be the best option for them to get started, especially for the design and technical parts.

Usually, I would recommend them Wix right away. Of course, they could install a WordPress website and use WooCommerce, but although it has gotten a lot simpler over the years, WordPress is still complicated for less technical people, and even more when using it for eCommerce.

Web design made easy

The main advantage of Wix is its ease-of-use. Anyone, even with very limited technical skills, can create a website. Design-wise, it’s not the same as hiring a web designer, but if you choose the right website template, you can create a pretty stunning website.

With a website builder, no complicated setup or installation, you are guided through every step with a beautiful interface. For the design part, everything is drag-and-drop, and add-ons are just a click away. It may seem obvious when all advantages are listed like that, but website builders are the easiest way to build a website nowadays.

Wix’s eCommerce features

With Wix, you’ll get the same advantages for building an online shop as you do for buildling a website. There are easy-to-use features that make it extremely simple to setup your shop.

The Wix stores have everything you’d expect: easy store management with order tracking and inventory management, cusomizable layouts for product pages, product collections creation, or the ability to create coupons and all kinds of special offers. All that without giving up on high-quality design.

On a more practical side of things, Wix stores offer a very customizable table of pricing for shipping rates and taxes. You can also produce professional invoices very quickly and track your expenses with great accounting tools. Furthermore, pop-up selling tools are super easy to implement along with other cool gimmicks like badges and this kind of things.

The last, but not least, technical issue that Wix handles beautifuly is the payment part. It’s easy to get money, and the platform doesn’t even take a commission, so all the money is yours. And yes, if you are feeling geeky, you can accept payments in Bitcoins. Also, and it’s worth mentionning, you can choose Wix to run your website, but if you’d rather use Etsy or Shopify, you can do so.

A platform to grow your business online

With all the stunning features listed above, it should already be enough to convince you to use Wix, but there is more. Actually, when you build an online store, the most important part is not to set it up, but to make it live and have the business grow. For that, you can’t beat Wix.

On the platform, you will get all the necessary tools to analyze your visitors and improve your SEO as you go. Wix even has some site boosting tools, and very convenient apps to automate part of the marketing work.

Saying that Wix is social media ready would be an understatement. Whether you are looking for publishing on multiple platforms or for quick integration, the website builder got you covered. No matter what social media sites you choose to integrate more, you should be able to do it much quicker than with any other website solution. To track results of all your campaigns, the social media management dashboard will prove very helpful.

Wix also aims at helping you to create a community around your website, for that purpose, community forums, coupons, and other features should be more than enough. For more direct support to your customers, you will be able to create and include forms very easily with Wix, even better, you can add a live chat to the website, which is pretty amazing for answering your clients.

Email marketing

A big part of online marketing happens by email, especially when run an online store. Email marketing has been back in marketers planning, as it proves to be one of the most efficient ways to sell online. Wix knows it, which is why they provide the best tools you could dream of for efficient emailing to your customers and prospects.

The most noticeable tool is probably WixShoutOut, a complete email marketing suit created by Wix to make its users life better and their shop more successful.

WixShoutOut is so cool that it’s hard to list all the advantages it offers. As usual with most Wix’s functionalities, email campaigns templates have totally customizable styles, they also integrate social media tools out of the box and make it easy to share your campaigns on your site.

Nevertheless, the most important for the average online shop owner will probably the more business oriented features. For that, WixShoutOut doesn’t disappoint either. The newsletter app comes with very useful stats tracking, as well as easy contact integration, basically the two most important things for email marketers.


As you can see, what came as a natural answer to me when asked about web design and eCommerce solutions is easily proved by facts, Wix is a very professional solution that will satisfy most users needs.

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Mirko Humbert is the editor-in-chief and main author of Designer Daily and Typography Daily. He is also a graphic designer and the founder of WP Expert.