If you are a regular web worker and/or a freelancer, you must already work with a lot of online apps like Google Docs or YouSendIt. Many online applications are free, but some others are not. Following are the ones I would recommend.

1. Fuze Meeting

This one could save me in a near future, as you probably don’t know I will move to live in China in a couple of months. I’ve been looking for solutions to make my not tech-saavy clients feel better about collaborating from a distance. I’ve been trying it for a few weeks now and I can say that it just rocks. It’s 100% browser-based, lets you share your screen and organize HD conferences. If you’re working with long-distance clients, I suggest that you give it a try, you can try it free for 30 days.

2. FreshBooks

Invoicing and accounting in general are the worst sides of freelancing (well… except if you are a freelance accountant). For the average freelancer, FreshBooks takes a lot of the annoyances of invoicing away, it’s really a perfect fit for web workers too. Track your expenses and time, manage your contractors or re-bill your clients painlessly with this wonderful app.

3. Basecamp

Although I’m not a Basecamp user yet, I’ve worked with it for some clients. It’s a very simple and straightforward, probably the best I’ve seen so far when it comes to multiple users project management.

What about you? Which other paid online apps would you recommend?