What is the best mouse for a designer?

Post by Mirko on March 19, 2011

As a designer, you probably spend a lot of hours hoding on a mouse. It is definitly one of the tools you’ll use the most, so better have a good mouse to be more productive and avoid some potential health problems.

What are the characteristics of a good mouse?


You will hold your mouse for hours, everyday, so it should be very comfortable, fit in your hand well and not give you cramps.


If you want to be accurate in your work, and as a designer you need to, you better have the right tool for that. Go for a laser or optical mouse for best accuracy.


Ever had your cursor lagging when moving your mouse?


Not everybody likes to have too many buttons on his mouse, but having two buttons or more and a scroll button is quite good if you want to use shortcuts from your mouse and be more productive.

Some mice to consider for designers

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX

Very accurate, this cordless mouse fits perfectly in your hand and also has many options like browser history buttons, super fast scrolling and more. Buy it from Amazon.

Wacom Bamboo fun tablet

For designers who prefer to get a graphic tablet to a mouse, Wacom’s Bamboo fun tablet is a good choice. It gets multi-touch technology so you don’t have to use the stylus for navigation and gets good pressure sensitivity to recreate a pen-on-paper feel. Get it on Amazon.

Logitech MX 518 gaming mouse

For a cheaper mouse, you can consider this gamer mouse. Gamers need pretty much the same functionalities as designers: responsiveness, accuracy and functionalities. Logitech’s MX518 answers those requirements. Get it from Amazon.

Apple Magic Mouse

The first decent mouse by Apple. Very responsive, it come with iPhone-like touch capabilities. It is not the best choice if you are looking for a traditionnal mouse but it’s worth trying. I couldn’t use it to work but many designers swear by it so I thought I’d include it. Get it from Amazon.

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

Another kind of mouse: the trackball. Your thumb does all the work. I have some friends who can not imagine to work with anything else than that. It’s wireless, gets many function buttons and quite ergonomic. You shouldn’t get a trackball if you never worked with it though. Get it from Amazon.

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  • Jeff K

    I love those Logitech mice for gaming (use a G7 personally), but I work (with the mouse) left handed. The MX518 (and G7) is a right-handed mouse but still comfortable for lefties, but personally I’m quite liking my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000.

  • seb

    MX518 was too big for my hand so i decide to change for a Razer Diamonback : Very reliable

  • Razer Diamondback 3G – this is really nice model. This year I think I’ll switch for something even better from Razer.

  • Jack

    This ambidextrous vertcial mouse looks pretty cool http://www.posturite.co.uk/PosturiteSite/product/9820100.htm

  • I use a Logitech G500 gaming mouse and it’s absolutely great for design/coding work since the buttons are programmable. I use the side thumb buttons for copy/paste. It’s a corded mouse that is stable, accurate and has a great free-wheel for long scrolls.

  • Eli

    Been using a Razer DeathAdder for a few years now – reliable and comfortable. Quite basic compared to some of the more button-heavy mice (Logitech) but it’s got all you need.

  • Natalia

    I’m not a fan of wireless mice…eats through *SO* many batteries, which is costly (to replace), inefficient (constantly recharging another thing if using those) slow (as it peters out), wasteful (sucks non-rechargables dry fast), totally toxic (usually thrown into garbage); tablet and gamer ftw.

  • tbh, i think the only realy good thing for a designer is a wacom intuos or cintiq. A bamboo realy isn’t my thing. A mouse is great for coding css and html, I would go for the first one the logitec.

  • I used to have a Logitech mouse for a long time, then I bought a MX518. Unfortunately it didn’t have any Mac compatibility at the time. Now I’m using a Magic Mouse. I like it, but it has it’s own issues…

  • The best mouse for a designer is a Wacom tablet and pen [and not the feature poor bamboo – the intuos]. Why would a designer not use a pen?

  • Depending on the type of design a couple of these mouses would work well, for example the tablet will be useful for designers who do a lot of drawing/artistic design, however the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX would be best suited for web design!

  • I’m a webdesigner and a pen is still faster and more accurate. I don’t see any reason why to use a mouse as a designer.

  • Surely the Apple Magic Trackpad should get a look in here? As long as you use rechargeable batteries its amazing. You dont even need to switch it off, it sleeps automatically saving battery life. Great for design and the multi touch working with snow leopard is fantastic for designing. wouldnt use anything else now. :-)

  • the best mouse for a designer might be the apple magic mouse, i have used it before it is quite responsive!

  • Logitech wireless trackball M570 is the best one among them, i have used it for two years and now it still works well!

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