Today, here we have the collection of 10 ads that you won’t see in newspapers nowadays may be because they do not make sense anymore. Through these ads, you’ll definitely know the height of development in the field of advertisements and graphics. These below mentioned ads used to be popular in one era but do you think it’s still worthy in this 21st century? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Del Monte Ketchup

Of-course the color of the lips, nail color and the sauce is the only similarity and it’s difficult to understand what it exactly want to say.

Del Monte Ketchup

2. Kellogg’s Pep Vitamins

So do you really think the vitamins had it all?

Kellogg’s Pep Vitamins

3. Dental Poster Viceroy

Would your dentist today still suggest to use it?

Dental Poster Viceroy

4. Van Heusen

This ad portrays the male dominant world where ladies are kept under their shoes and they got no other jobs than just pleasing men.

Van Heusen

5. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant in this ad, taught us that when you support the ultimate self-esteem killer, it can still be positive and uplifting.

Lane Bryant

6. Pears Soap

This ad might be trying to show if you had chosen the pears soap for your baby then he/she wouldn’t have cried and bring that earthquake.

pears soap

7. Chinese Cherry

Well looking at the expression of cherry, it really seems like sour than sweet.

Chinese Cherry

8. Marlboro

A two year old baby in the ad of Marlboro is definitely not inspiring to anyone.


9. This Christmas Give Cartons of Luckies by Yesmoke

So the dude seems lucky enough!

This Christmas Give Cartons of Luckies by Yesmoke

10. Truth Dollars

If you want to fight for communism, give your all truth dollar and get into the fight. That is what said in the ad.

Truth Dollars


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