You don’t know whether you prefer books or art? You don’t need to choose anymore, you can have both with this art made with books.

1. Kenjio

Kenjio is the artist name of Daniel Lai, a designer and artist based in Tennessee. He sells his work on his Etsy shop.

2. Akayo Sakanishi

An intricate piece of art made with books and folders by Akayo Sakanishi at the Academy of Arts.

3. Brian Dettmer

We’ve featured Dettmer’s incredible art on Designer Daily before. The American artist took book art to another level with his complex book sculptures, you should definitively check out his website for more art.

4. Guy Laramee

Just like Dettmer, Guy Laramee was also featured on Designer Daily for his amazing book carvings. Accross multiple books, the Québec artist carves stunning landscapes.

5. David Kracov

Based in Boston, David Kracov is an artist who often works with paper, and sometimes directly in the books.

6. Lizzie Buckmaster Dove

Lizzie Buckmaster Dove is an artist with many talents. One of her specificities is to work with found objects, and good things happen when the object she finds is a book.

7. Lisa Occhipinti

Many of Lisa Occhipinti’s sculptures include books, and they look good.

8. Jonathan Whitfill

Among other sculptures and artworks, Jonathan Whitfill creates spectacular book wheels.

9. Georgia Russell

Specialized in paper cutting, Georgia Russell often works directly in books.

Justin Rowe

Justin Rowe works in a book shop and loves art. Logically, he creates art with books.

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