Here are the 10 awesome free symbol fonts that you many enjoy to enhance your design. Have a look at it below and choose the one that satisfies your need to make your design fancy.

1. Web symbols

The design agency Just Be Nice Studio has some lovely renderings of oft-required symbols that include mail, wi-fi and location icons in this set of 90 free symbol fonts.

Web symbols

2. Heydings Common Icons

The web designer, Heydon Pickering from Norwich, England is specialised in CSS, typography, semantic HTML and responsive design. Being a web designer, he first introduced a completely free and embeddable icon font for web UI designers which is available for free to download.


3. Efon

This cheery set of 96 Dingbat fonts is created by N-Plus and it is free. The smiling faces are very attractive and cute.


4. Kalocsai Flowers

Similar to Efon, this fragrant set of 63 free symbol fonts was created by Levi Halmos which is incredible and free to use.

Kalocsai Flowers

5. Web Hosting Hub glyphs

This set consists of over 1500 highly qualitative icons which is easy to use with Bootstrap and other CSS frameworks. The creator of this font is Web Hosting Hub.

Web Hosting Hub glyphs

6. Symbol signs

Designed by Sander Baumann, this collection has commonly used symbols for public services such as café, reataurants, shower, toilets, telephone, and many more.

Symbol signs

7. Dingbat Cobogó

Designed by Guilherme Luigi, the symbols were created from the synthesis of pierced elements found in photographs by Josivan Rodrigues for his book Cobogó of Pernambuco.


8. Notice

The set of 96 packaging symbol glyphs was created by Otlab that has variety if designs that suit your needs.


9. Rhomus Omnilots

With over 120 glyphs to choose from, the set is predominantly snowflake and arrow designs designed by the team at Typotheticals.


10. Rosette

Starting her career as an architect, designer Aga Silva is a converted font designer & calligrapher. She has created numerous innovative symbol fonts including the following.


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