I’ve been looking online to find some t-shirts that would make me look a bit cooler this summer, here are some that I found.

1. Do you want the moon?

A poetic t-shirt by Helmi Himawan.

2. Birdphabet

Learn about birds with this cool alphabet illustrated t-shirt.

3. Great artists steal

As a designer you probably already heard this quote: “Good artists copy, great artists steal”. This t-shirt is a visual take on the quote.

4. A book lover

The cutest reading giraffe you’ll ever see.

5. Moustacheville

In black and white, an elegant t-shirt full of… flying moustaches.

6. 8 Down, 1 to go

Yes, even 9 lives eventually come to an end.

7. Big trouble in little Japan

Drawn in the style of an ancient japanese woodblock print, this t-shirt turns popular video game characters into a real-life danger.


8. Hi 5


Cute t-shirt, I would wear if I had a sudden urge to socialize.

9. The Ocean of Story

Another t-shirt inspired by Japan and Hokusai’s great wave.

10. The Donor

A t-shirt that designers will like, but that will give headaches to anatomy experts.

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