Are you getting ready for surfing vacation? Then you’re probably looking for the best surfboard designs, there are a few things to consider. You’ll need to think about how you’re going to ride the board and what shape will suit you best. However, the biggest factor is that you want a design that’s durable, so that you can enjoy the ride for many years to come.

Hayden Cox

Hayden Cox is a surfboard designer who has created some of the best surfboards in the world. He has a history of being an innovator and a pioneer in the surfboard industry. In fact, he is considered one of the most famous surfboard shapers in the world.

At fifteen, he broke his favorite surfboard and decided to learn how to make his own. After selling handmade surfboards to teachers and friends, he eventually started his own company, Hayden Shaped.

This brand is now known for its innovative materials and high-end construction techniques. It has won numerous surf industry awards. Currently, Hayden Shaped surfboards are available in over 70 countries.

Hayden Shaped’s new model, Holy Grail, is a versatile all-rounder that is perfect for any wave. The design is reminiscent of the traditional surfboard, but is a bit different.

Hayden has been able to create a successful business without a huge corporate backing. His boards have been endorsed by a number of prominent surfers. Moreover, the company has a global presence with production lines in Bangkok and Los Angeles.

Rusty Utility

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time at the beach, then a Rusty utility surfboard is the perfect choice for you. They are easy to set up and provide great control in all types of waves.

The rusty classic longboard has a semi-full outline, while the mi amigo shortboard has a pointed nose. Both have moderate rocker for quick maneuvering and snappy turns. These boards are suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

The Rusty Yes Thanks is Josh Kerr’s pro model. It features a single concave through the fins and an additional bump at the mid fins. This makes it easier to control in tight turns. Also, it generates good speed.

Aside from the performance, the design of Rusty surfboards is also important. The channels begin in the belly of the board in two half-moon shapes, then narrow to create the Venturi effect. From there, they widen and make the flow from rail to rail.

Another thing to consider is the rail design. Some rail designs have less drive. Others offer more drive.

Liquid Shredder

Liquid Shredder is a company that designs and manufactures high quality surf gear. Their boards can be used by beginners as well as professionals. They are also able to withstand heavy weights.

Liquid Shredder’s Surfboards are designed according to the surfer’s skill level and experience. These surfboards are made from foam and fiberglass. This combination of materials creates a highly maneuverable surfboard that is able to withstand heavy weights.

The surfboards from Liquid Shredder come in four different sizes, ranging from four feet to nine feet. The soft top boards are perfect for beginners. They are equipped with special rugs that are designed to give ease and comfort during wave riding.

Soft top surfboards are crucial for the core fundamentals of surfing. They help beginners catch more waves in the early stages of white water. With a soft top, the surfboard will be able to float, making it easier for beginners to stand up.

The Liquid Shredder surfboards are manufactured with a custom-made soft top surface. It is also reinforced with expanded polythene. To ensure the board’s stability, it is fitted with dual wooden stringers.

Chemistry Surfboards

If you are on the lookout for a good surfboard, you should consider the various models available from Chemistry Surfboards. These boards are popular with pro surfers because of their versatility and speed. You can pick out the one that suits your riding style and your budget.

A typical surfboard is made up of fiberglass and graphite. Graphite is used because it is stronger than fiberglass, which makes it more durable. The board will also have a shaped bottom. Some models have a plastic bottom, but it warps easily and may cause bubbles to form.

Another popular choice is a swallow tail surfboard. This type of surfboard is more aerodynamic than a shortboard, allowing you to get up to speed faster. It is also wider, making it easier to maneuver in larger waves.

One of the best-selling Chemistry models is the Compression Hybrid. This is a great choice for intermediate to advanced surfers. They are lightweight, easy to ride, and offer excellent speed. However, the real secret is that they are also highly maneuverable.


Firewire surfboard designs are created to be as eco-friendly as possible. These surfboards are built using a variety of materials, including EPS, Epoxy, and helium.

The company is based in Carlsbad, California. The company has over 250 employees worldwide and does business in over thirty countries.

One of the company’s biggest claims to fame is its use of machine-shaping technology. This allows them to create high-quality surfboards with an extremely short lead time.

Originally known as Nev Surfboards, the company changed its name in 1998. Today, the brand is better known as Firewire. Aside from their surfboards, the company also specializes in kiteboards, accessories, and apparel. They are committed to supporting a number of charities and humanitarian organizations.

Firewire surfboard designs are made to suit the needs of the average surfer. Their models feature lightweight and durable EPS foam cores. Compared to polyurethane, EPS foam is more energy efficient.

The company uses a variety of other high-end materials, including epoxy, helium, and even a basalt “eco carbon alternative”. Some of the company’s newest products include an innovative new construction build.

Lost Puddle Jumper

The Lost Puddle Jumper is a small wave surfboard designed by Matt Biolos. This model has a wide tail and concave bottom. It is also light and a great board to use in the smaller waves.

There are two variations of the Puddle Jumper – one for beginners and one for intermediate surfers. Its shape allows for fast paddling into small stuff and a good turning ability. You can also try the Puddle Jumper Pro, which features a traditional shortboard outline.

The Puddle Jumper HP is a souped-up version of the original. It’s a playful machine that adds some high performance to the original Puddle Jumper.

This design is built for surfers who are looking for speed and control in grovel and mid-leg waves. The design has an egg-shaped outline with a wide nose and tail. During takeoffs, the concave in the center of the board provides lift. At the end of a turn, the Puddle Jumper helps the rider’s foot to stay close to the nose, reducing swing weight.

JS Industries

JS Industries Surfboards are Australian owned and operated. They have been around for a number of years now and are arguably the biggest shapers of surfboards in Australia. Their products range from fun and forgiving models to high performance boards that are made for a variety of conditions and surfers.

JS also has a good number of high profile pro surfers, including Julian Wilson, Joel Parkinson, Adrian Buchan and Jeremy Flores. The brand has won many awards and accolades, including the coveted SBIA Board of the Year award. It also has a slew of other notable awards to its name.

One of the JS’s best known products is the Monsta. This slick little board was the poster child for modern shortboard design. It was also a popular item among pros and amateurs alike.

Using the Monsta as a base, JS has gone on to create a host of other great surfboards. For example, they have launched a slew of performance surfboards to match the Monsta, including the aptly titled Raging Bull.

Chilli Surfboards

Chilli Surfboards is one of the most sought after surfboard brands in the world. Its range is versatile and suitable for all surfers. Their models are built with exemplary performance in mind.

The range is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and pros. They offer a variety of boards, including swallowtail, twin, and shortboards. For those looking to improve their surfing skills, investing in a top performing board is essential.

In addition to their wide selection, Chilli has also developed custom leash plugs and Future fins. This ensures that they will always meet their customers’ needs.

Chilli has also developed the Mini Bird, which is widely available globally. It’s ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers. If you’re a surfer who has a limited budget, you can invest in the BV2, which is an epic travel board.

One of the best selling Chilli Surfboards is the Mid Strength. This mid length model is a powerful paddler that helps you clean up and ride long turns. It’s ideal for those who like a challenge. Those who want to get back into surfing after an injury can try this board as well.

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