Advertising and design agency can often express their creativity at their best in advertising. In this post you’ll find some awesome examples of amazing advertisements.

1. The French Open

A subtle and visually appealing way to advertise for a tennis tournament. Via Brilliant Ads on Twitter.


2. Lego Van Gogh

Lego is famous for its brilliant advertising, this is just another example that involves a famous artist. Via Ads of the World.


3. Magic Viagra

An ad that “subtly” suggests the strength you can get from Viagra.


4. Duracell

REALLY powerful batteries, a nice way to integrate an ad into its environment.


5. Ricola good news

Make sure that good news sound like good news with Ricola. Via Ads of the World.


6. Enjoying fresh air

Panasonic’s air conditionning for cars turns the world upside down.


7. Slim Fast Russia

Unfortunatly this ad is just a concept and was never a real-world project, but it’s worth a mention in this post. Via Business Insider.


8. Lost puppy

A funny advertisement for a light drink, the solution to lost tiny dogs. Via Serial Thriller.


9. Second hand bookstore

A cool ad that uses books to recreate the recycling logo. Via Gute Werbung.


10. Samsung 360 wide angle

Another take at 360° view, but with a funny portrait for once.


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