When we walk through the street, we pass through several street arts. Street arts started with names, letters and symbols but in today’s scenario, it’s more complex as artists started to explore the beauty of lettering with several typographies. Here are 10 cool examples of typographic street art.

1. Moss Lettering

This beautiful piece of street art is carved from sheets of moss which is designed by UK based artist Anna Garforth.

Moss Lettering by Anna Garforth

2. Calligraffiti

Instead of traditional form of tagging in street art, artist Greg Papagrigoriou takes a calligraphic and graffiti approach that left impeccable impression.

Calligraffiti by Greg Papagrigoriou

3. Wild at Heart Masking Tape Typography

This was another piece of art by Anna Garforth in rural Catalunya, northern Spain using masking tape and utilizing a wire fence as a grid.

Wild at Heart Masking Tape Typography

4. Billboard Typography

Robert Montgomery’s thoughtful typographic art brings surprisingly poignant messages to urban spaces.

Billboard Typography by Robert Montgomery

5. ‘HELLO’ 3D Text Installation

In this clever work by Dopludo Collective, three-dimensional shapes that stand up on their own in a parking lot reveal themselves to be a word when viewed from a certain angle.

‘HELLO’ 3D Text Installation

6. Bold Letters

Big, bold letters are artist Eine’s M.O. Known for painting them on shutters all over the world, Eine expresses his love for letters in nearly all of his works, including those he does on canvas for gallery exhibits.

Bold Letters by Eine

7. Typography String & Grass Art

Sean Martindale is a multimedia artist who brings text to the city in at least two highly unusual ways: with his string art installation, ‘FREE’, and ‘PARK’, a grass installation at a bare construction site.

Typography String & Grass Art by Sean Martindale

8. Cropped Typography

Faust is a visual artist living in New York. His work is a response to the perpetually changing image of the city drawing on influences from graffiti and art history.

Cropped Typography by Faust

9. Brick Lettering

SpY, an urban artist loves to confuse people with surreal and unexpected imagery like sky-high basketball hoops and ‘Don’t Walk’ LED pedestrian symbols that escape from their confines.

Brick Lettering by SpY

10. Public Typography Experiments

Francois Chastanet is a graphic designer specializing in typography, and is especially inspired by “Cholo writing”, the graffiti of Latino gangs in Los Angeles.

Public Typography Experiments by Francois Chastanet

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