If you think of building an icon from scratch then most probably you are wasting your time. It is because creating an icon takes a lot of work and moreover, if you can already download more than 500s of icons for free then why waste your time creating it by own?

Here are the 10 most cool icon sets for your app design. Have a look!

1. Dryicons

Dryicons have been offering free downloads to all 5.000 icons and 1.700 vectors which has been created over the course of six years. The dryicons can be used freely, with the Free License, or with two other affordable licensing options, the Regular and the Extended license.


2. Raindropmemory

These icon sets are by Raindropmemory who was bored of sparkling, elegant and glassy icons.


3. Glyphish

Glyphish icons are carefully crafted for iOS tab bars, toolbars, nav bars and table rows which are also perfect for Android, Windows Mobile, websites, UI design, t-shirts, tattoos, stencils, stickers and much more.


4. Application Icon Set

Application Icon Set have 10 blue icons designed especially for web applications. They are designed with 3D and glossy effect.

Application Icon Set

5. Smashingmagazine

Smashingmagazine icon set was designed by Navdeep Raj and released for Smashing Magazine. The set includes the icons address card, bar graph, calendar, clock / time, conference device, contact, documents, draft, mail, marker, milestone, notes, portfolio, and many more.


6. Monofactor

Monofactor set contains 25 scalable Illustrator format icons which are fully scalable and available to use for print or any other digital medium.


7. Sekkyumu

There are 105 icons (32 x 32) for your toolbar designed by Sekkyumu where you can find .png, .ico, .icns, and .icontainer package.


8. Mini

Mini is a set of 144 GIF icons available for free use for any purpose.


9. Androidicons

Androidicons is an essential companion kit for any Android designer. These are lovingly designed to enhance your Android application or mobile interface.


10. Cute Blogging Icon Set

Cute Blogging Icon Set is one of the cutest blogging icons to make navigation on your blog look great. Make your blog look and feel professional and creative with cute blogging icon set.

cute blogging

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