Useless cardboards are no longer a burden or a garbage material any more because you can make an awesome use of useless cardboards at your home! Yes, you heard it right. Below we have 10 cool ideas to recycle useless carboards. Let’s have a look at them!

1. The Tree

This is an awesome example to use your useless cardboard for forming a tree. You can view it here.


2. Pen holder

Nathaniel Paffett Lugassy designed this Pen Holder which is made in acrylic on cardboard prototype. You can view it here.

Pen holder

3. Safari TV iPad Stand

Safari TV is the cardboard iPad Stand that adds beauty to your home with its beautiful modern design which is made of recycled cardboard. You can view it here.

Safari TV iPad Stand

4. Cardboard Robot

Use your useless cardboard to build yourself a new friend. Get this idea here.

Cardboard Robot

5. Cardboard animals

Forget the Barbie dolls as you can make cardboard animals for your kids with this awesome example.

Cardboard animals

6. Hand Cut Paper Flower

Each stalk in the pot of this potted plant is a cutout from Bristol paper that is painted on both sides. You can view it here.

Hand Cut Paper Flower

7. Cereal box monster jaws

This is an awesome fun craft for kids, which is available here.

Cereal box monster jaws

8. Treasure Chest

Learn how to make a treasure chest with cardboards by clicking here.

Treasure Chest

9. DIY necklace display

Showcase your most beautiful necklace in this DIY necklace display. You can get the instructions to make one here.

Diy necklace display

10. Geometric Cardboard Lamp

You can use the cardboards to make these amazing geometric lamps! Awesome, isn’t it? Get more detail here.

Geometric Cardboard Lamp

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