One of my favorite aspects of design in general is that it helps to improve the most commons items of our daily life. The following electric plugs and concepts illustrate this quite well, they all try to improve the usability and/or the look-and-feel of an appliance we use every day. Need electricians? Visit

1. Plug & Play

A table that plugs straight into your wall, a cute concept by Nothing Design Group. Not very realistic though, I’ve never seen any electrical outlet at that height and I doubt that the plug will be able to support the pressure of the table…

2. Rozetkus 3D power socket concept

A great concept by Studio Art Lebedev: a power socket that adapts to your use of the electrical oulets. If you need one outlet, you can push the socket in the wall, if you need more just pull it out.

3. Hang-on outlet

Even if you are not using your electrical item, they will consume some energy as long as they’re plugged in. This hang-on outlet will make unplugging more comfortable by offering a resting place for your plugs (Via Yanko Design).

4. Picket Fence

A cute way to unclutter the room and hide the wires, not sure it would look great in every home though…

5. Folding plug system

This folding plug system has been built for laptop owners to be able to carry their laptop without being too annoyed by a a plug that takes too much space.

6. Rambler socket concept

Imagined by Meysam Movahedi, this concept tries to make it easier to reach further appliances with your plug. However I have some doubts on the safety of this concept.

7. 360 Electrical

This problem certainly occured to you a lot of times, you get enough space but your plugs will not fit in together. No more of this with the 360 electrical, just rotate your socket and you’re in.

8. WirePod

The elegant way to get multiple plug outlets, quite cool. Via Dezeen.

9. Hu2 Stickers

These eco-reminder should be sticked around your plug sockets to remind you that you are using electricity, looks good.

10. Donut Powerstrip

The Donut Powerstrip does pretty much the same thing as the 360 electrical, it makes sure that that all the outlets are usable. Check more images here.

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