No, nails don’t have to be boring, plain colors. You can also get creative with your finger and have lively figures on your nails. The following ten examples are geeky, playfuls, beautiful, cool, or just funny, and they are all inspiring for sure.

1. Pac-Man Nails

Pac-Man nails is a nail art inspired by the characters from the popular arcade game. You can watch it here.

Pac-Man Nails

2. Bacon Nails

Inspired by bacon, this delicious looking fingernail art was developed. You can check it here.

Bacon Nails

3. Binary Nails

Inspired by the binary numeral system, this unusual nail art was designed.

Binary Nails

4. Browser Nails

These browser nails are internet inspired nail art which is created by Japanese blogger Mamipeko. You can check it out here.

Browser Nails

5. Spongebob Nails

This SpongeBob SquarePants nail art was created by Maria Katrina Tiong. You can check it out here.

Spongebob Nails

6. Zipper Nails

Laura Sofiakoski has designed this stylish zipper nail design.

Zipper Nails

7. Fast Food Nails

This is a unique nail art that features brand names of popular fast food companies.

Fast Food Nails

8. Christmas Nails

Get some Christmas holiday fun nail art here.

Christmas Nails

9. Twitter Nails

This is a contemporary nail art dedicated to Twitter which is available here.

Twitter Nails

10. Soft Drink Nails

This is a nail art by Janet Riffe that features brand names of popular soda drinks.

Soft Drink Nails

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