If you are a graphic designer, you have probably dreamt of laying out a magazine. It seems that there is more freedom in designing magazines, especially art and design magazines of course. Here is a little roundup of well designed magazine to inspire you.

1. N°Zine

No.Zine is an independent arts zine, curated by Patrick Fry.

2. Wooden Toy Magazine

If you love illustration, art and photography, you’ll enjoy this magazine with loads of quality graphics.

3. Newwork Magazine

The magazine created and curate by NewWork studio. Features new work from artists and creators with a stunning design and use of typography.

4. 8 Faces magazine

Dedicated to bringing type to the masses, developed by Elliot Jay Stocks, it greatly uses white spaces and typography.

5. Esquire

Do I really need to introduce Esquire? This special edition had an even more amazing design than usually.

6. Harriman Steel newspaper

Not really a newspaper, but graphic designer’s showcase that shows some good magazine designing skills.

7. Eight:48

Published by the people behind Counter-Print, is showcases designers and artists’ work.

8. Thema

A german magazine with a beautiful, strict composition.

9. Gopher illustrated

A cultural publication with crafty and original work, awesomely designed.

10. Filter Magazine

Do you like white space in graphic design, you’ll get plenty of it in Filter Magazine.

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