As graphic designers, you probably have to design logos from time to time. If it’s not your core activity, maybe a few tools will help you to quickly create mockups of logos. Here is a selection of ten awesome freebies to help your logo designing skills.

1. 9 Vintage Logo designs

A collection of vintage style hand drawn logos + shapes, elements and ribbons that you can just make your own design. The free fonts used to create the logos are linked so you won’t miss anything from the downloaded styles.


2. Social media artwork template

Fitting your logos in social media images formats can be a bit boring and time consuming. That’s why WickieMedia released this cool template that you can fire in Photoshop CC to create any social media image you want. This is a free item that you can pay with a tweet.


3. Vector swooshes

If you want to give your logos a more hand-made look and feel, extend a script font you’ve been using, or just add some swooshes to a regular logo to give it more rythm, then you should definitly check out this awesome freebies pack that you can download on ThinkDesign.


4. Customizable vintage style logo designs

Free vector shapes that will make creating vintage logos, badges, or emblems. All these are entirely customizable. A courtesy of SpoonGraphics.


5. 500 logo templates

A gigantic collection of logo templates, a bit less elegant than the previous ones in this post, but more oriented to the business/corporate world. Each logo comes with a 2D and 3D finishing, as well as the source vector files, thanks to Designshock.


6. Hand drawn logo creation kit

Designed by Freepik, this awesome package allows you to create gorgeous hand-drawn logos much quicker than if you did indeed do everything by hand.


7. Geared

A condensed slab serif font that will do wonders for logo design with its versatility. It was released for free (or for a tiny fee for commercial use) by Ben Dalrymple, a graphic designer based in Australia.


8. Free guide to logo formats

A free guide released by The Logo Factory about the logo formats. 48 pages about the technicalities of delivering logo designs the right way.


9. Logo design elements

A huge set of design elements you can use to construct your logos. Pretty simple but efficient designs.


10. Watercolor logos

A bit more specific, but if you are looking to create a logo design that includes some watercolor elements, this is the design package you’ll need. The whole set can be downloaded from Feepik.


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