A stamp with your personal logo makes you feel like a professional and justifies you have carefully worked on the projects. It’s always great to have own stamp with personal logo. That is why today we have a collection of 10 gorgeous stamp designs for your inspiration which are available below!

1. The Hat Shop

This is a logo stamp set for letterhead by Dana Steffe which is used for the hat shop. For more info, click here.


2. No 63

This cool stamp is designed by Patrick Carter which is available here.

No 63

3. Pancake Movement

This is a very nice stamp design which is available here.


4. RR Stamp

This cool RR (Reagan Ray) stamp is available here.

RR Stamp

5. Electric Bolt

This is a first custom stamp designed by Jonathan Lochhead which is available here.

Electric Bolt

6. T-Shop Stamp

This worn out look of T-shop stamp is pretty cool, isn’t it? Get more info here.

T-Shop Stamp

7. EA Ambigram Stamp

This is an uncommon look for a stamp with textures. Get it here.

EA Ambigram Stamp

8. MoetMoet

This is a stamp for Dutch letterpress which is available here.


9. 55 Hi’s

Now this is super cool, do you like it? Get details here.


10. Artill Stamp

This creatively crafted stamp is available here.

Artill Stamp

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