In recent times, most of the consumers are environmentally conscious. They look for products that are sustainable and offer eco-friendly food packaging. With the corporate demands, enhancing consumer preferences and prospective policies of the government, the use of sustainable food packaging will no more be just a choice. The compulsory environment-friendly food packaging will soon come into effect in each and every country. Once every food product packaging is streamlined with sustainable and recyclable packaging practices, it will help the businesses to reduce their ecological footprint and also increase the brand’s loyalty amongst the consumers. Here are 10 best examples of innovative and sustainable food packaging.

1. KFC Comestible Cup

The Robin Collective is the mastermind company behind the Scoff-ee Cup, designed for the fast food chain KFC. It has a double layer coating of white chocolate around biscuit wrapped in sugar paper. It is designed in the shape of a cup and can tolerate the heat of the espresso due to its texture. The best part is you can eat the cup after finishing up your espresso.

2. Butter Better Environment-Friendly Breakfast

This is a two-in-one ecological butter and knife combo designed by Yeongkeun Jeong. He thought of on the go breakfast concept to help the travelers.  This sustainable package consists of a great dose of butter covered with a biodegradable and recyclable wooden knife for an instant on the go breakfast.

3. Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle Packaging

Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle

Say no to glass and metal. With the Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle, the beer brand is turning green. In partnership with EcoXpac, Carlsberg has designed the bottle with sustainable wood fiber. Usually, the beer bottle is made up of aluminum or glass to keep its taste and freshness intact. But, with the green fiber bottle packaging, the company is trying to shift towards the consumer and environment-friendly sustainable approaches.

4. Conceptual Tea Blends in Potted Plants Packaging

From the brand Rhoeco, the conceptual tea blends collection is a combination of dry fruits and herbs in 5 different themes. The Conceptual Tea Blends come in simple yet classy and sustainable food packaging that appears to be like the plant’s pot. There are seeds attached to the inner part of the lids and when the tea is finished, you may use the seeds to plant it in the same pot.

5. Renewable Future Smart Paper Cups

The manufacturer of packaging, Huhtamaki has designed the Future Smart paper cup owing to a large number of single-use coffee cups going to the landfill. The Future Cups are designed for takeaway beverages and 100% renewable. Whether ice-cream or coffee or any other food item, the Future Cups are made up of plant-based material and can be used for both hot and cold items.

6. La Mâche Nantaise Ecological Packaging for Salad

A simple product like salad is given a sustainable food packaging by La Mache Nantaise. It is packaged using a recyclable thin plastic sheet, single folded with a sticker at the top. A waxed cardboard below not only holds the plastic sheet in order but it also helps to fight the moisture and keep the salad fresh for eating.

7. Sustainable Nextrus Boneless Shrink Bags by Coveris

An environment-friendly option for packaging meat, the Nextrus Boneless Shrink Bags offers great sustainable food packaging. Although it looks like any other bags, it is created out of engineered resins offering a tighter seal.

8. Salvaged Food Waste Used to Make Pasta Boxes

Waitrose, the UK supermarket has used salvaged food waste to make Pasta boxes. These are eco-friendly boxes made out of the pulses and peas that are not graded during the production process. They are saved for packaging.

9. Edible Film Made from Milk Protein

Made out of milk protein, salt, and citrus pectin, the edible film packaging is a great substitute for the biodegradable plastic wraps. In this type of packaging, there are no harmful chemicals and milk powder is used in a new way.

10. New Freshpack of Mars Drinks Have Reduced Carbon Marks

The single-serve fresh packs of Mars Drinks have got a newly sustainable makeover. It has eliminated the use of aluminum foil pack and reduced the carbon marks by about 31%. The new packaging helps the consumers to reduce the wastes as well.

There are several companies who have already turned to sustainable food packaging for their products like the above. Such companies are paying attention towards the environment and are also keen to show that they are doing their bit to preserve this planet and its natural resources.

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