The website design has evolved drastically with time and today, parallax effects are adding extra beauty to every website. Parallax scrolling is a perfect scrolling technique where background images move at a slower rate to the foreground images, creating an illusion of depth, while scrolling down the page and adding to the immersion. There are several websites which are already introduced to this parallax effect and below listed are 10 impressive parallax scrolling web designs that will blow your mind. Enjoy!

1. Dream pretzel

Dream Pretzels website is the website of crispy pretzel chips made with all natural ingredients for your good health without any food colors, fats or cholesterol. Get through the website where all the products are introduced to wonderful parallax effect.


2. Q Music Titanic

Q Music Titanic is an incredible website showcases the important facts & figures related to the legendary “Titanic” cruise using parallax effects in a wonderful manner.


3. Whiteboard

Whiteboard is an amazing website that attracts every visitor with its stunning parallax effects with moving background images.


4. Inception Explained

Inception Explained website has clearly showcased the concept of Inception with the help of Parallax scrolling effect. As you keep scrolling, it takes you to the next level, creating more interest.


5. Cantilever

Cantilever website is more attentive to users due to the parallax effect that you can experience while scrolling the page down. The services are displayed really well with the menu and a great map makes it easier for visitors to make an order.


6. Biamar

Biamar is an incredible website that portrays the best example of cool & trendy web design with perfect utilization of Parallax effect.


7. Range Rover Victoria Beckham

Get introduced to your desired product sitting at your place with just scrolling down of your mouse to this Range Rover Victoria Beckham website. The parallax scrolling effect of the website is awesome where the products are displayed in an exciting manner.


8. Bata

Bata, the website of leading manufacturer and retailer of high quality footwear has a perfect parallax scrolling web design. The stylish and trendy products are showcased very beautifully on the home page that inspires any visitor to go through the website.


9. Bagigia

Bagigia has a very unique parallax scrolling effect. As you keep scrolling, it displays every feature of its product beautifully.


10. Ala

Ala is a very attractive website where you can see the perfect examples of parallax scrolling web designs.


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