Tech stuff is a great gifting choice for men who love to play with modern gizmos and gadgets. You can find an incredible range of affordable tech gadgets for gifting purposes, but it becomes hard to choose from among them.

This article will talk about 10 smart gifts that men love and you can choose any for this holiday season. Let us find out what they are.

1. Premium Cannabis Vaporizer

Vaping is definitely the talk of the town these days, and with the huge popularity of CBD products today, this smart DaVinci IQ2 Premium Vaporizer device is going to be a smash hit! It is portable, stylish, and the perfect device for those who consume cannabis for medical and recreational purpoes. The DaVinci IQ2 incorporates Clean First technology to all their vaporizer units, which means that they use only medical-grade materials to ensure the end user gets the purest and cleanest flavor from the flower. It is straightforward to use and comes with an adjustable airflow mechanism, making the whole experience relatively smooth, especially for first-timers. This premium quality vaporizer is an ideal trendy gift this Christmas.

2. Smart Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are the modern solution to your late-night reading habits. It can not only make book-lovers happy but can also transform bedroom interiors into an aesthetically pleasing sight. Modern desk lamps are smart, i.e. they come with advanced features like Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, app control, and so on. These smart lamps are easy to handle using the dedicated app for controlling the settings remotely. You can also turn it ON and OFF using the app quite easily. A wide array of stylishly designed lamps are available today, and depending on the interior design, you can choose something that ideally fits.

3. Handheld Printing Device

Could you imagine carrying your printer everywhere you go? Well, it is possible now with the smartest hand-held printer. Ideally, you can fit it inside your pocket and use it to print on the surface. The USP of these tiny printers is their portable build. It is thin, light-weighed, and the perfect gadget to address your printing needs on the go. This one is designed conveniently, and it looks like a pen. You can even connect it to your smartphone and get printing solutions easily. However, it is a useful gadget for minimalists; it can perfectly get the basics right, so you might want to find the right person to gift it to.

4. Smart Curtain Bot

Do you know someone who dearly wishes to keep smart curtains that do not cost a fortune and is low on maintenance? Then a smart curtain robot, like SwitchBot, is the best solution. Manufacturers claim that this device can make any curtain smart, and it is genuinely so. Handling this controller is very easy and convenient. You would have to put an accessory that comes with this controller on the curtain rod, and this SwitchBot will take care of everything else.

5. Stylish Personal Vaporizer

If you are searching for a loose-leaf vaporizer, then pick the DaVinci MIQRO Personal Vaporizer. It is sleek, sophisticated, and comes in a small size, so you can carry it anywhere very easily. If you know someone who is a light vaper, and likes to micro-dose, do not think twice to gift them with this smart and useful personal vaporizer.

6. Smart Fan and Light Combo

Smart devices have made things so easy and convenient for everyone. Besides, these are a major trend nowadays and make for excellent gifting options. With a smart ceiling fan and light combo, you can now get all the utilities in one place. The design of this equipment is pleasing, and it blends perfectly with all types of interior designs. You can easily control this device using voice assistants like Google and Alexa. One of this fan’s best features is that it can change directions seamlessly- pushing the air in upward or downward directions. It is a sleek, modern, and compact fan that does not make noise while working.

7. Bathroom Assistant

Gone are the hassle-filled days when we would have to clean toilets manually. With a bathroom assistant, you can now clean the toilet automatically. Yes, this is an innovative gift option but it can really save you from leakages, breakages, and unpleasant smells every time you go to this private area. It is a life-saver and a great addition to the home automation factor. You can easily control this device using the voice assistants in your smartphones.

8. Ornithopter

Have you heard anything about Ornithopter? Do you want to give a unique gift to your tech-lover man? If so, then this going to be the best gift ever! It looks very similar to the drones that you see in the sky, but it has the shape of an insect that can maneuver itself.  You can control it using biometric credentials and can fly it for up to 10 minutes straight on a single charge up to the range of 100 meters at a maximum speed of 18 kmph. It is also a safe option that you can easily use indoors.

9. Deep Tissue Massager

The busy schedules have taken a toll on everyone’s health. Sitting for a long time in front of the computers and lack of physical activities has given rise to many pain and aches in different body parts. To relax and soothe sore muscles, the deep tissue massager can be of great help. It can help to reduce muscle pain, and inflammation, after a hard day’s work or workout sessions. Deep tissue massagers come with several heads for greater effectiveness and can run for up to 10 hours with a single battery charge.  

10. Smart Pen

A pen that can digitize your thoughts and ideas? Isn’t it a remarkable option? Well, smartpens are ideally designed to do that and much more. It can store everything that you have written with this gadget, and also comes with a hidden micro cam and an LCD pad. With this smartpen, you can easily convert your writing to a digital format and store it offline or on a cloud database. It has handwriting recognition features, which sometimes prove to be very helpful. It also comes with audio recording facilities, and you can quickly charge this one using a USB.

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