Everybody loves lists, so I thought it would be nice if I share the lists that are useful to me and to which I often get back.

  1. 101 ideas to get more freelance work and generate new clients leads
    I usually don’t like too long lists, but this one is really good to get some new promotion ideas or see if you are doing every important things you should as a freelancer.
  2. 25 best free quality fonts
    I hope that you know you shouldn’t be using licensed fonts without paying, in this list there are some good alternatives.
  3. Where can i find textures and background images?
    The answer in the post 😉
  4. Free Photoshop plugins
    A great and complete list by TutorialBlog.
  5. 5 great places to download Photoshop brushes
    You should know this one if you are a long-time reader.
  6. 38 free icons checkpoints
    Blog icons, CMS icons, desktop icons,… more icons than you’ll ever need.
  7. Where can you find good images?
    Cheap and free stock photo. Don’t forget to make sure you know what rights you have with the pictures you buy or download.
  8. Listamatic
    Lists, lists, lists, lists, lists,…
  9. The webdesign toolbox by Mashable
    As usual, Mashable comes up with a (too) long list of tools.
  10. The best Firefox addons for a web developer
    Good list, even though I don’t understand what the Google Toolbar is doing in this.

Also take a look at Jason‘s huge list of resources to build better forms. Thanks to him for suggesting it.

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