I don’t know if my opinion on the topic is widely accepted, but I get the feeling that titling and display fonts are the ones that really gained in quality over time, thanks to the possibility offered by digital techniques and evolution, such as alternate glyphs. Here is a selection of recent and cool display fonts.

1. Amsi Pro

Amsi Pro font has been designed to be equipped with three different widths; Normal, Narrow and Condensed, addition to expanding weights to support various usabilities ranging from Thin, XLight, Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, Black and Heavy. Get more info here.

Amsi Pro

2. Selfie

Selfie is a connected sans serif based on vintage signage scripts seen at Galerías in Buenos Aires. Get more info here.


3. Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust is a multifaceted font system consisting of font sub-families Sans, Slab, Script, Handmade and Extras. Each of these sub-families contains a number of font weights which have a characteristic warm, rough look and display a few degrees of saturation. Get more info here.

nexa rust

4. Hollie script pro

Hollie script font is 100% based on the brush traces that has 2100 glyphs, contextual ligatures from two to four characters and alternates for each ligature.


5. Lulo Clean

Lulo Clean is friendly, retro, and amazingly 3-dimensional with endless effects which can be created by adding different colors to each of the 5 stackable layers. For more info, click here.

lulo clean

6. Eveleth

Eveleth is a premium high-resolution letterpress font family with exceptional realism and vintage charm that features 3 different sub-families each with its own unique printed texture. Get detail info by clicking here.


7. Funkydori

Funkydori fonts can be further enhanced with extravagant swash capitals, alternates, and endings along with ornaments and tile-able patterns.


8. Acta Display

Acta family is a clean and fresh type system, while enough conservative for the newspaper setting. The complete Acta Type System contains Acta and Acta Display both with six weights with matching italics. Get more info here.

acta display

9. FF Tisa Sans

FF Tisa Sans provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, small capitals, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, fractions, and super- and subscript characters.

tisa sans

10. Brush Up

Brush Up is the cool hand-painted typeface that is swiftly painted on paper and carefully translated into a font. It brings 3 glyphs for each letter and 2 for each number, plus variations for some punctuation marks. Get more info here.

brush up

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