Are you dreaming of living in your apartment that isn’t costly? It is not as impossible as you think, yet many get disappointed upon seeing how small studio apartments are.

Living in a tiny room apartment may seem a little overwhelming, especially if they have to transform it into a bedroom, living room, dining room, and workroom. You might feel shocked getting to fit all those into one tiny-spaced room.

But with some brilliant tricks to your tiny studio apartment, you will be able to make it look spacious. You can even live comfortably in a stylish studio apartment.

Hang Floating Art or Shelves

The trick to having a spacious-looking room is to avoid cluttering your things in one place. Room decorations can either make your room stand-out or may bombard your room.

Instead of putting all decorative items in one place, you can try hanging some of them on one wall. You can put floating wall shelves. 

Aside from shelves, you can also hang foldable chairs or tables on the wall to leave out more space when you are done using them.

Use a Wall or Glass Divider

To create a separate room, you may use a wall or glass divider. When you can avoid messing up your space, dividers are great in hiding them.

If privacy is not much of an issue, you can try a glass divider. You can maximize its beauty when you have perfect lighting from your windows. It will allow a good flow of light in your room, and at the same time, it creates a visual separation in your room.

But if you prioritize your privacy, you use a wall divider. Try a shelving unit to cover your room and use it as storage. It will create a break in your apartment space. Aside from that, it will also make more space.

You also try using foldable dividers. You can still have the privacy and feeling of separateness without taking more space in your room.

Paint Walls and Ceiling White

Another trick to getting a spacious-looking room is to paint your walls or ceiling white. The white color will make your room feel more open.

But if you do not like to use white paint, you can try another shade of color. But make sure that you use the same color throughout the room space. You can also try dark colors like a deep brown shade in your sleeping area to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Be Resourceful

There are many other cheaper ways to make your room look larger. If you have a window, maximize its use by letting enough light in. The more natural light that comes in, the larger and more welcoming your room would feel.

You can also include stylish accessories or indoor plants to create a homey ambiance. Aside from that, it can counteract stuffy feelings inside your room.

When it comes to displaying your stuff, try to make them more organized and arrange them according to color-codes. It will create a clear and tidy space.

Take Advantage of Every Space

You may not own big properties like David Mendoza Consunji but you can still make your apartment look bigger.

Since studio apartments are relatively small so take advantage of every space in your room. You can install cabinets above your bed where you can store your clothes and stuff.

You put night or dim lights below the cabinets to create a bigger dimension in your bedroom. Make sure that your room is always bright and clean to make it even larger. You can even install storage units in your ceiling if you want to. 

Invest in a customized bed where you can make it into a sofa as well.

Fold-out Work Area

The best solution to making your room larger is foldable beds, tables, or desks. You can convert your room into your home office, a living room, a dining room, or a bedroom. Use a fold-out desk for your work area and tuck in it when you are done.

Hang Long Curtains

The taller your room would look, the larger it would look as well. And the trick to make your room look taller is by putting long curtains that start at your ceiling.

You can also use curtains as a divider instead of sliding doors, wall dividers, and other dividers. It will not take up too much space while providing enough privacy in your room. You can try using thin or sheer curtains to let enough light in your bedroom.

Make Use of Mirrors

Hanging mirrors is a must for any small-spaced homes or apartments. The reflective ability of mirrors can make your tiny apartment appear bigger. The light that bounces off the mirrors can trick your eyes into thinking that your space is brighter and larger.

Hide Bed or Make it a Hidden Storage

Your bed could take up most of the space in your room, so try to hide it by getting retractable ones. You can find furniture like sofas that could turn into a bed.

Or, to maximize your bed, you can turn it into storage. Instead of buying cabinets for your clothes or bed sheets, you can shift your bed into a cabinet.

Keeping stuff like books out of sight by putting it in your bed’s storage space can make your room look cleaner. You can also put your bed far from the door.

Another way to a large-looking room is by lofting your bed, which is becoming a trend nowadays. There are houses where beds are lofted above their dining area or living room. You can also use the stairs as storage cabinets.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Lastly, choose furniture that can do more than one function. An example is a multifunctional table that you can use for work and as a dining table.

You can also customize the headboard of your bed to a work table. Place them back-to-back so you can save up more space.

Homeowners tend to buy lots of tiny furniture for their small homes. Little did they know that too many things in one space could make their room look more stuffy. So instead of bombarding your studio apartment with many tiny pieces of furniture, try to buy large but multifunctional furniture.

A few large pieces of furniture can make your studio room look larger.

There are a lot more brilliant tricks to make your studio apartment appear bigger even if you have no budget yet to buy property in Philippines. And these ten (10) are the most effective ones. Always put them in mind, and you can lure your friends into thinking that your apartment is bigger than its actual size.

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