In this post, we have the collection of 10 unique, spectacular and creative outdoor ads and billboards from all over the world. Have a look at them below!

1. Dumocalcin Giant Bones

These oversized bones look more powerful, isn’t it? These bones were used as bridge columns in Indonesia. Get more detail here.

Dumocalcin Giant Bones

2. Tibits Giant Fork

Now this is a good symbol to advertise your restaurant. This oversized fork was used to promote Tibits vegetarian restaurant. Guess the food is very, very fresh. Click here for more info.

Tibits Giant Fork

3. Cadbury Billboard

This is indeed an awesome ad design to represent a giant bar of Cadbury dairy milk. Sounds yummy… hmmm!

Cadbury Billboard

4. Crunched Billboard

A Denver-based ad agency, the Amélie Company made this billboard for the State of Colorado to promote safe driving with text that reads “Tailgating Isn’t Worth It. Give Trucks Room. It’s The Law.”

Crunched Billboard

5. McDonald’s Crosswalk

Creative ad that promotes McDonald’s fries. For more info click here.

McDonald’s Crosswalk

6. Pizza Billboard

Clever billboard designed to promote Donatos pizza.

Pizza Billboard

7. Giant Rejoice Comb

Giant comb used to promote Rejoice hair products to justify it can de-tangle any rough hair.

Giant Rejoice Comb

8. Heinz Bus Stop Ad

The bus shelter is filled with tomatoes to promote Heinz Ketchup.

Heinz Bus Stop Ad

9. Frozen Bus Stop

Bus shelters in Russia were decorated to look frozen as a part of summer marketing campaign for Coca-Cola.

Frozen Bus Stop

10. Formula Toothcare Billboard

Eye-catching billboard in Indonesia that promotes Formula Toothcare for building strong teeth.

Formula Toothcare Billboard

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