Who says the candle should be simple and straight like a pole? Whether you use it for lighting purpose or not, the below given 10 unusual and creative candle designs will surely make you buy one. They are even perfect for the interior decoration. Have a look at them below!

1. Watermelon Candle

Do not eat that up thinking a real watermelon though.

Watermelon Candle

2. Spine Candle

The spine candle somehow seems like a centipede.

Spine Candle

3. Realistic Egg Candle

Opps! Did the egg just hatch?

Realistic Egg Candle

4. Brain Candle In a Baby Head Candle Holder

Now this is really mind boggling but may be babies might be afraid of this one.

Brain Candle In a Baby Head Candle Holder

5. Light Bulb Candle

Get the real bulb feel through these awesome light bulb candle.

Light Bulb Candle1

Light Bulb Candle2

6. Plugged-In Candles

Do not plug it into the real socket, you may ruin the whole thing.

Plugged-In Candles

7. Freedom Candle

This is an amazing candle with a lovely message of sacrifice and freedom.

Freedom Candle1

Freedom Candle2

8. Shadow Art Candle

The light from this shadow art candle will leave you stunned with its reflected big shadow on your walls.

Shadow Art Candle

9. Cat Skeleton Candle

Burn this cute cat shaped candle and it will actually leave a skeleton of the cat inside.

10. Floating Origami Boat Candle

Everyone would love to get these lovely floating origami boat candles.

Floating Origami Boat Candle

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