If you often build WordPress themes on a regular basis, you probably have your own solution to make the process faster and more efficient. Many designers and developers create their own solution for that, and some even share their work with the world. The following blank WordPress themes will help you to create WordPress themes faster, so take a good look at it.

1. Neutica

A recent sandbox WordPress theme based on the Helvetica Neue font, it features an option page where you can switch colors. Thumbnails are automatically pulled.

2. WP Framework

A WordPress theme to serve as a starting point to build your customized template. It is also well-documented.

3. Blueprint theme

Based on the very popular CSS framework, the Blueprint work is the perfect sandbox theme if you are used to work with that framework.

4. The Buffet framework

This framework uses the WordPress child theme concept. It has tons of features like being Microformats ready, translation ready, themes options and much more…

5. Plaintxt.org

Plain sandbox theme that makes a clever use of semantic classes to have an easy to change base for creating your WordPress theme.

6. Empty canvas

Valid cross-browser minimalist canvas template, it has a dynamic menu for page navigation.

7. Whiteboard

Minimal blank WordPress theme, removes all the unnecessary functions from your template.

8. Shape

A WordPress framework that’s optimized for SEO.

9. Thematic

The ultimate reason not to use Thesis, Thematic works pretty much the same way and has a good design out of the box. It supports child themes and includes a sample one. It is also grid based and supports 13 widget-ready areas.

10. The Starter Theme

Not exactly a WordPress theme, but more of a developement kit for WordPress themes.

11. Starkers

A blank theme that removes all unnecessary elements to get a completly naked version of WordPress.

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