Despite of the difficulties that snow brings in day-to-day life, many people love it as well. Though we shovel for hours to remove the snow, some people on the other hand, take it as a fun way to remove the snow. They create the amazing snow sculptures in artistic way.

Today here we have 12 such cool and incredible snow sculptures that will blow your mind. Have a look at them below!

1. 12-foot-tall sea turtle

Every year, the three brothers: Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz create a giant snow sculpture and this year, they created a detailed 12-foot-tall sea turtle! Get more info here.


2. Snow Dragon

This awesome snow dragon is available here.


3. Minions

These minions are cool, aren’t they?


4. Snow Dogs

Which one is real? Check it out here.


5. Snow Dalek

It is available here.


6. Snow Woman & Willow

“Snow Woman & Willow” by Peter Chaplin is available here.

Snow Woman & Willow

7. Just Chillin

Miha Brinovec has created this amazing snow sculpture which is available here.

Just Chillin

8. Snow Shark

Those teeth of snow shark seem really sharp. Do not play with it Kids!


9. Snow Godzilla

This car swallowing Godzilla is so giant and scary.


10. Snow Fire

The combination seems unusual, isn’t it? See it here.


11. Snow Totoro

View this cool Snow Totoro here.

Snow Totoro

12. Darth Vader Snow Sculpture

This one is for any Star Wars fans. View it here.

Darth Vader Snow Sculpture

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