It’s essential to have an attractive and unique brochure design so that people notice it at a first glance. This will lead the person to go further into the content inside the brochure. Despite of acting as an advertisement tool, the brochure also gives a small preview to let the audience know what they are expecting. With noticeable designs, the right message is also equally important to convey via a brochure.

In this today’s blog post, we have 12 such awesome brochure design that you can implement to your company as well. Have a look at them below!

1. Banksy Typography in Motion/Print

Banksy Typography in Motion/Print is a booklet that consists of several panels measuring at 4×4 and folds in an accordion style that spans out to over 10 feet long.


2. Best Brochure

Best Brochure is a card sized brochure with different design on each leaf.


3. Triangular Folding Brochure

This Triangular Folding Brochure matches the logo of TVNZ 7.


4. Brochure Cultural Events 2009

Brochure Cultural Events 2009 is a brochure with an intricate graphic design for a cultural event in 2009.


5. Repertory Season & Nutcracker Brochures

Repertory Season & Nutcracker Brochures employs innovative, custom die-cuts and vibrant imagery, color and messaging.


6. Hollywood Cooks

Hollywood Cooks is a pop up brochure for a comedy/reality television show.


7. Vespa brochure

Vespa brochure is a brochure for a Vespa veteran show in Norway.


8. Heavenly Creatures Brochure

Heavenly Creatures Brochure is an amazing brochure where you can see the wings coming out of the brochure.


9. Cecac

Cecac is a brochure designed for Cecac 2008.


10. Gusso Flores

Gusso Flores is a simple and creative brochure designed for a florist.


11. Invitation Booklets

Invitation Booklets is a beautifully designed which is suitable for wedding occasions.


12. Harvey Nichols New Brands

Harvey Nichols New Brands is a brochure designed for the Spring/Summer 2008 collection.


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