Working on a website’s CSS is quite an enjoyable job. However some of the tasks aren’t always fun. This is why tons of cool CSS tools were created, to make your life easier and keep web designers’ work barable.

1. Primer CSS

Just paste some HTML in the box and Primer will pull all classes and IDs to get you started with your stylesheet.

2. Automatic CSS inliner

You can use this tool to design your next email campaign and automatically turn all your local styles into inline CSS:

3. CSS sprites generator

The easy way to generate CSS sprites online.

4. Moo color finder

Retrieve any website color from CSS files. The cool part? It now even produces Photoshop color palette files.

5. MinifyMe

This nice Adobe Air application combines and minimizes CSS files.

6. Variable Grid System

Quickly generate a CSS grid for your web designs, based on the 960 grid system.

7. CSS Typeset

For CSS newbies, this website lets you enter text and configure it visually, then gives you the CSS.

8. Modernizr

Modernizr uses feature detection to test the current browser against upcoming features like rgba(), border-radius, CSS Transitions and many more.

9. List-o-matic

List-based CSS navigation creation made easier.

10. CSS layout generator

The website doesn’t look very good, but it’s a really useful tool to create multi-columns CSS layouts.

11. CSS text wrapper

Make your HTML text wrap in other shapes than just boxes.

12. Dust-me selectors

Cool Firefox add-on to check if some selectors are unused, the good thing is that it goes further than just checking one page.

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