How many of you are victim of losing keys quite often? Maximum of you, isn’t it? Today in this post, we are introducing you 13 awesome key holder designs that will make you think twice before losing any key. These key holder designs are simply mind blowing that will not let you lose your keys any more. Let’s get into it!

1. Magnetic Cloud Key Holder

This amazing magnetic cloud key holder will always remind you of your keys. All you need to do is fasten this key holder to your wall with a pair of included screws and this bright white billow will cling to your key ring with a magnet that’s concealed within its curves.

Magnetic Cloud Key Holder

2. Magnet Key Holder

This magnetic key holder with a horseshoe U wall mount is available here.

Magnet Key Holder

3. Mini Garage Key Holder

Get this beautiful mini garage key holder here and never lose your key again.

Mini Garage Key Holder

4. His And Hers Key Holder

Gift your close ones this cute key board and key hangers to ensure they do not lost their keys. Get it here.

His And Hers Key Holder

5. Key Hangers Climber And Engineer

This key hangers climber and engineer will definitely take care of your keys. Get it here.

Key Hangers Climber And Engineer

6. Geeky USB Cable Key Holder

Aren’t you interested in getting this geeky USB cable key holder and give techno look to your room? If yes then get it today here.

Geeky USB Cable Key Holder

7. Octopus Key Hook

This is an industrial sculpted iron wall mount, with an octopus design that has 6 long arms as hooks with pre-drilled holes for proper wall placement. It’s available here.

Octopus Key Hook

8. DIY Felt Home Key Holder

Make this fabulous home key holder by your own. The tutorial is available here.

DIY Felt Home Key Holder

9. UnPlug Key Ring

The concept behind this unplug key ring is as simple as its name: simply unplug the unnecessary applications to save electricity, save money, and save earth.

UnPlug Key Ring

10. The Magnetic Man Key Holder

This magnetic man key holder which is available at amazon can hold up to 30 keys.

The Magnetic Man Key Holder

11. Sparrow Key Holder

This Sparrow Key Holder is an adorable key ring with a wall-mountable birdhouse that will not only hold your keys safe in one spot, but will look super cute doing so! Get it here.

Sparrow Key Holder

12. Bird House Key Holders

Birdhouse key holders are finished with matte varnish and has hole in the back for hanging on the wall. Get this stylish key holder at your home which is available here.

Bird House Key Holders

13. DIY Lego Key Holder

You can combine the multiple keys with this amazing Lego key holder. Learn more on how make this Lego key holder here.

DIY Lego Key Holder

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