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The navigation is a key element in web design, when creating your website it’s crucial to use the appropriate menu in context. The following collection gives you some menu designing tools, tutorials or showcases to help you improve your website’s navigation.

1. CSS Menu Maker

A great online tool to create advanced menus for your website. Chose the style of menu you need, customize it and download it.

2. CSS Play

The website is a little messy, but you’ll find pretty much any menu you need there. Make sure to take a look.

3. CSS Menu Generator

An online menu generator with a lot of options to customize and download your menus.


Another easy to use online menu builder, very user-friendly.

5. Listamatic

A list of lists, great showcase of lists styling. The CSS of each list is given and it’s not forbidden to take a look at the source.

6. CSS drop-down menu framework

A modular, easy to deploy and customize CSS drop-down menu framework.

7. Free Menu Designs

A nice selection of simple vertical menu designs, a good time-saver for those who need a simple menu.

8. Vitaly Friedman’s CSS showcase

A great selection of CSS navigation techniques by Vitaly Friedman, the man behind Smashing Magazine.

9. DevSnippets’ navigation section

DevSnippets is one of my favorite resources when it comes to find webdesign snippets or info, their navigation section is full of good advice, examples and of course snippets.

10. Advanced CSS menu

A nice tutorial on how to create an advanced CSS menu with CSS sprites.

11. Pure CSS menu

Yet another cool CSS menu generator with a simple and efficient design.

12. CSS Dock menu

Mac lovers will like this one, a nice menu emulating OSX’s dock.

13. Hybrid CSS dropdown

A great tutorial (as usual) from A List Apart on how to create a hybrid CSS dropdown menu.

14. FreeStyle menus

A pretty neat multi-levels menu, make sure to either make a donation or put a visible credit link when using it.

15. 10 brilliant multi-level navigation techniques

An inspiring article on DevSnippets, showing off the best of multi-level navigation.

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