Despite of such a growth in technology and techniques, print ads are still popular on its own. It is an older form of advertisement which is basically seen in magazines, billboards and journals. However, unless the ad is extra-ordinary and creative, it is very hard to stand in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. Hence, in this blog post, we have a collection of 15 awesome print ads for your inspiration. Check it out below!

1. Etap Hotel: Bad Day, Dog

The best part of your day. Check this out here.

Etap Hotel

2. Helsingin Sanomat: Wedding

Give a wedding gift that lasts long. This ad is illustrated by Jaakko Syvänen which is available here.

Helsingin Sanomat Wedding

3. Canadian Dental Association

Not everyone can see it, but your dentist can.

Canadian Dental Association

4. Pedigree Adoption Drive: Dog Cage, 2

As time goes by, my chances will only decrease. Please, help me find a home. Check it out here.

Pedigree Adoption Drive

5. T-Mobile: Talking Heads, Freckles

Video chats with T-Mobile is so clear that you can even see the freckles of the person you are chatting with. Check it out here.


6. Brave Word Film Festival

This is an ad that represents best Hollywood movies about corruption. Check it out here.

Brave Word Film Festival

7. Fort: Cockroach

How do you like it bitch? Check it out here.

Fort Cockroach

8. Stilgraf: Park Bench

Keep your colors in line. Check it out here.

Stilgraf Park Bench

9. Mitsubishi ASX Knee Airbags

Half protection is not protection. New Mitsubishi ASX. Knee Airbags included. Check it out here.

Mitsubishi ASX Knee Airbags

10. France Adot: Young man

Thousands of people owe their lives to organ donors. Check it out here.

France Adot Young man

11. German Olympic Sport Federation

If you don’t move, you get fat. Check it out here.

German Olympic Sport Federation

12. Stopache: Daughter

For headaches of all sizes. Check it out here.


13. Gerardo Bastos Auto Care

It’s always good to check everything. Gerardo Bastos Complete Auto Care. Check it out here.

Gerardo Bastos Auto Care

14. Bounce: Switch Off, Dress

Switch off static. Bounce. Get it here.


15. Samsung Galaxy

Local Language Translator

Samsung Galaxy

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