Below we have listed a collection of best, handpicked business cards. These business cards can be an inspiration to you as they are great in design and have awesome features. Have a look at them below!

1. Martyna Wedzicka

This beautiful personal branding business card is designed by Martyna Wedzicka which is available here.

Personal Branding

2. Virgult

This is an identity concept for Andrea Martelloni aka Virgult by Martina Cavalieri which is available here.


3. Bear Clothing UK

This business card is designed by Apex Studio which is available here.

Bear Clothing UK

4. Micael Butial

Micael Butial has designed this card for the self promotion which is available here.


5. Sofi Aza

This Personal identity business card is designed in 2 colors: black & fluorescent orange. Get more detail here.

personal identity

6. Organic

Organic, which is created by Morgan Bastos is available here.


7. Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy has designed this amazing business card which is available here.

Branding and Personal Website

8. Mehrwert

This is a corporate identity for a book keeping company. It is designed by Karoline Frau which is available here.


9. Dase Tattoo Business Card

This business card is designed by Olga Breka which is available here.

Dase Tattoo Business Card

10. Frederik Laux Photography

Christian Vögtlin is the designer of this amazing business card which is available here.

Frederik Laux Photography

11. Grave

This business card is designed by Valquíria Rabelo which is available here.


12. Good design

Good design is for good clients. Get it here.

Good design

13. Berlimo

Berlimo is a brand new Berlin based workshop by Pixelinme which is available here.


14. CUB animation studio

CUB is a group of young people dealing with animation. This beautiful business card has been designed by Agnes Herr. Click here for more info.

CUB animation studio

15. Move

This amazing business card is designed by 911 Designers which is available here.


16. Mini 2 pocket business card folder

Measuring 2 x 3 1/2, this small folder features a portrait orientation, rounded corners and two 1 1/4″ pockets. Most often used as a business card.


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