The letterpress printing technique is very popular in business cards. It’s a process where letterpress is pressed deeply to mark the cards. The several processes include embossing, hot foil stamping and debossing without the ink. Here we have 15 beautiful business cards with a letterpress finish. Have a look at them below!

1. La bella vita

You can view this beautiful letterpress business card here.

La bella vita

2. Andrew Banden

This is an elegant textured blue and white letterpress business card for a creative agency. You can check this out here.

Andrew Banden

3. Lord Fern Brewery

Check out this creative letterpress business card here.

Lord Fern Brewery

4. BurnTheBook Letterpress Cards

These letterpress business cards from Bobbie at Burnthebook, are all kinds of awesome – from the beautiful logo to the crisp red and white color palette. You can view it here.

BurnTheBook Letterpress Cards

5. Geboortekaart Flint

It is a folded card with a nice blue color and embossed. It is available here.

Geboortekaart Flint

6. Blades and tradition – Stéphane Couty

You can check this letterpress business card with 2-color printing here.

Blades and tradition - Stéphane Couty

7. Cocorico Studio

This is a 2 color printing that is débossage without ink. You can view it here.

Cocorico Studio

8. Ann-Kathrin Koch

This lovely letterpress business card is designed and printed for documentary wedding photographer Ann-Kathrin Koch. You can view it here.

Ann-Kathrin Koch

9. Mary S. Smith

Cool letterpress business cards printed by

10. Photographer Elizabeth Scott

This is a beautiful, whimsical business card design for Elizabeth Scott Photography, a Carolina-based wedding photography service. You can view it here.

Photographer Elizabeth Scott

11. Twig creative

This is a clean white letterpress card by rowleypress for Twig Creative, a boutique shop specializing in children’s toys. You can view it here.

Twig creative

12. RockDesign Business Card

This card is printed by and it is available here.

RockDesign Business Card

13. Business Card for: Teddy Bear

This is a brand identity, logo and business card design for a company specializing in gifts. You can view it here.

Business Card for Teddy Bear

14. Clementine Zagni – architect

You can view this business card here.

Clementine Zagni - architect

15. Yann Borgazzi

You can view this business card here.

Yann Borgazzi

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