Are you a crazy bicycle lover? Is yes, then you have reached the right place because here we have a collection of 15 cool gift ideas that were inspired by bicycles. Get your favorite one and enjoy!

1. Bicycle pizza cutter

You can buy this stylish pizza cutter here.

Bicycle pizza cutter

2. Springtime picnic basket

This easy to carry picnic basket on your bike holds a table for two, chairs and plenty of space to store your food, plates, cups and cutlery. You can get it here.

Springtime picnic basket

3. Brick lane roll-up pannier

You can buy this here.

Brick lane roll-up pannier

4. Creative bicycle planters

Get your bicycle an amazing look by using this creative bicycle planters which are available here.

Creative bicycle planters

5. Bicycle gear cog coasters

Get this amazing set of hand carved cork coasters here.

Bicycle gear cog coasters

6. Hanging clips

Let the hanging clips carry your stuff. Get this creative item here.

Hanging clips

7. Ivy bike lock

Inspired by nature, the design of this cable wire lock is a mimicry of ivy. Get more detailed info here.

Ivy bike lock

8. Revolights Skyline Bicycle Lighting System

Gift your friend this creative bicycle lighting system which is available here.

Revolights Skyline Bicycle Lighting System

9. Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

This wireless turn signal for the bicycle lets you keep your hands on the handlebar. Get it here.

Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

10. Bicycle USB Charger & Battery Pack

It converts momentum of cycling into power from which you can charge your phones, lights. It is available here.

Bicycle USB Charger & Battery Pack

11. Bike bells

Gift your kids these amazing fruit flavor bells which are available here.

Bike bells

12. Jewelry your bicycle

Decorate your bicycle with these amazing jewelries which are available here.

jewelry your bicycle

13. Bicycle wheel clock

Creative clock made from bicycle wheel which is available here.

Bicycle wheel clock

14. Vintage picnic basket for your bicycle

Learn to create this vintage picnic basket for your bicycle here.

Vintage picnic basket for your bicycle

15. Hardwood bike basket

Are you in need of some handlebar organization for your bicycle? If yes, then grab this hardwood bicycle box here.

Hardwood bike basket

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