If you are looking for some inspiration to design a beautiful business card then you are at the right place. We have a collection of some really cool and creative business card designs that suits best for you. These completely exciting and unique business card layouts will help you establish a professional image. Check out the layouts below!

1. Clear & Transparent Business Card

Clear UV printed business card has a transparent face that stands out on its own. It’s a beautiful color and execution by Rock Design.



2. Thesherwoodgroup

Thesherwoodgroup has helped numerous companies to achieve their business goal via creative business cards.


3. Box in a business card

Box in a business card is designed by Young & Rubicam who transformed the traditional business card in the funny and unusual object, a little box of transporting cargo air.

Box in a business card

4. Designspiration

It is designed by Wescott Williams


5. Photography Business Cards

This is a dark business card made for a young photographer which is available here.

Ana Gregl business card

6. Transparent Business Card

This Transparent Business Card is by Lumen Bigott

Transparent Business Card

7. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

With the mission to bring proper off-the-shelf iced coffee to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was launched.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

8. Bentply business card

Bentply business card transforms the business card into chair. This is really cool design by richard c. evans.

bentply business card

9. Boxee – Postmammal

Available here.

Boxee - Postmammal

10. Pixel Mosaic Business Card

Available here.

pixel mosaic business card

11. Biz card / cardboard

Cardboard hand-pressed business cards is a unique presentation by designer Robert Teague.

biz card

12. Kinky Curly Business Card

This card is designed by Alesia Fisher.


13. Red Pigeon Studio Business Card

This card is designed by Lemongraphic


14. Yellow Letterpress Business Card

This beautiful card is designed by Bad Cass by debossing of two pure colors letterpress design.

Yellow Letterpress Business Card

15. Easel business card

Available here


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