type table

Wooden type blocks table, I want one!

Every typography lover is by definition a fan of printed documents. However, beautiful typography can be also be found on objects and products. This post is a selection of great typography-based objects that you will enjoy for sure.

typography table

Another table, with metallic movable types.

type pillows

Vintage typography pillows, with postcards inspired pattern or huge type.

type pillows

Scrable inspired pillows, good if you want to send a message to your visitors.

type pillow

Alphabet patterned pillow, nice.

helvetica pillow

They forgot to add “arrogant” to the list, still looking good.

type bag

Beautiful typography on a bag, what else would you need?

type sous-verre

Glass on type, kind of cool.

type chair

Gorgeous chair with type, the ultimate spot to take a break for a designer.

typographic furniture

Letter furnitures, the entire alphabet is available, so you can write words with your furniture at home.

assouline bag

Another bag with big type, nice.

typography rugs

Beautiful typographic rug.

type bag

The ampersand bag.

old bag

Another bag with old fashion typography this time.

belt buckle type

A must-have, the type belt-buckle.

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