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For freelancing designers, the online portfolio is one the best ways to get some work. Every prospect will check it before hiring you for the job, so it must be good. JQuery can be a great tool to improve your portfolio’s usability or functionalities. In the following collection you will find some great jQuery scripts and tutorials that’s help you to get a better portfolio… and find more graphic design jobs!

1. TN3 Gallery

One of my favorite jQuery slideshow available, a paid script that will make your life much easier and your site prettier.

2. jQuery tabs

Tabs can be a great way to make informations about a project quickly available without leaving the page. For example you can insert project details in a secondary tab because you know that only a few visitors will have interest in it.

jquery tabs

3. jQuery cycle

If you want to show a project’s evolution, jQuery cycle could be the way to go. It is basically a slideshow with cool transition effects, and the ability to use different actions to move from one slide to another.

jquery cycle

4. Coda Bubble

If you are going to use a tooltip to display further technical informations, do it with style. This script and tutorial teaches you to create a bubble just as pretty as the ones on Coda’s website.

coda bubble

5. jQuery Zoom

If you have designs where the details have a lot of importance, you should use this script to let your site’s visitors know that you don’t neglect details in your designs.

jquery zoom

6. Flip Box

Nice flipping effect for your divs, images, or whatever you want to put in it.

flip box

7. jQuery Multimedia portfolio

A cool carousel jQuery that allows you to display different media types, perfect for multimedia designers.

jquery portfolio

8. Coda slider

If you read a lot of web design blogs, you’ve probably seen this one over and over. I still could not leave it out of this list as it’s a great way to display design work.

coda slider

9. Kwicks

Nifty little effect for menus, can also be used for other things if you are creative (and I am sure you are).


10. jQuery Treeview plugin

If you have a lot of projects and designs to show, this could be the right navigation to use for your portfolio.

jquery treeview

11. jQuery filterable portfolio

Excellent tutorial to create a filterable portfolio with jQuery.

jquery portfolio filter

12. LavaLamp menu effect

Beautiful menu effect that captures your attention towards the menu element you are hovering.

lavalamp menu

13. jQuery Calculator

Want to get rid of people with too low budgets? This could be the way to go. The jQuery Calculation plugin could allow you to give an estimate of what their request will cost.

jquery calculator

14. jQuery form validation

Tired of receiving incomplete form submissions from your portfolio site? Try the jQuery form validation plugin and the people trying to contact you will not be able to send a message if they didn’t fill in the form properly.

jquery validation

15. jQuery Accordion menu

In your portfolio you will probably want to emphasize on your content and images. Accordion menus can be a good way to declutter your sidebar and give more space to content.

jquery accordion

16. jQuery sequential list

It’s good to explain your workflow on your portfolio website, it gives your potential clients a good indication of what they can expect when working with you. Using a sequential list is a good way to do this, learn how in Web Designer Wall’s tutorial.

jquery sequential list

17. jqTransform

Good form styling does not only look nicer, it’s also often more usable.

jquery form styling

18. jQuery Virtual Tour

If you are really proud of your studio, you can give a good feel of what it looks like with this virtual tour jQuery plugin.

jquery virtual tour

19. jQuery Image Notes

To give informations about an image or project, image notes are the perfect solution. You can easily point out details and give in-context explanations.

jquery image notes

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