There is no doubt that the iPad is a revolutionary device, no wonder its competitors are trying to catch up like crazy. However, the iPad alone may not be enough for many of you out there. You’ll probably want some kind of protection to make sure it doesn’t break to easily or a stylus to make some applications’ usage more convenient. Discover more cool iPad accessories you may need in this collection.

1. AirStash

With limited memory and no USB ports to plug in a regular external hard drive, the iPad definitly needed a way to backup more data, that’s what AirStash does.

2. Vers wooden iPad case

Protect your iPad and give a little bit more natural feeling with this case.

3. iPad hip bag

Probably the best bag you can get to carry your iPad around.

4. Arcade gaming cabinet

For the nostalgic gamers, put your iPad in context if you play old-school games on it.

5. iPad arcade joystick

Looking to improve the gaming experience on your iPad, try this JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick

6. Pogo stylus

The Pogo stylus adds some precision in your iPhone/iPad experience, it comes with a multi-purpose clip too.

7. BookBook

The best looking iPad case out there, must have for book lovers.

8. PropUp

PropUp makes your iPad much more convenient to use.

9. MoviePeg

Very simple stand for the iPhone or the iPad, easy-to-use and practical.

10. iPad case Genius

Probably the best iPad case you can buy, it protects your iPad and can be used as a stand in almost every situation.

11. Compass

Stylish and very simple iPad stand, it’s very space-saving when you don’t use it and perfect to get your iPad up.

12. ZaggMate iPad case

Strong and elegant, the ZAGGmate iPad Case also includes a keyboard and acts as a stand.

13. Keyboard dock for the iPad

Make your iPad more usable for work where you need to type a lot by using this keyboard dock.

14. Nomad brush

A paintbrush for your iPad, perfect for working with creative apps.

15. Miniot iPad cover

Beautiful flexible cover for your iPad.

16. HardGraft iPad case

Beautiful leather sleeve to protect your iPad.

17. Viewstand

Get your iPad up on this viewstand and give it an iMac look-and-feel.

18. iBend

The thinnest stand available for the iPad.

19. GelaSkins

Tons of cool skins to customize your iPad, hard to make a choice.

20. Giant Pencil stylus

Looking like a huge vintage pencil, this stylus is cheap and, most important, looks awesome.

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