I have a lot of admiration for bird photographers. The main thing I admire about them is their patience, it takes a lot of waiting time to see a bird, especially a rare one. Photographing birds also requires good technique and the ability to snap fast, and the following images are some excellent examples of what you can achieve once you become great at bird photography. If you are interested to learn how to take photos of birds, then I suggest you get a book about it.

Bird on a red wire by Bahman Farzad

Northern red-shafted Flicker by Roy Hancliff

Mandarin Duck by Tim Munsey

Owl close-up by Allard One

Struggling little world by Matt Hansen

Swans reflection by Nicolas Valentin

Bird feeding by Sijanto Sijanto

Saluting red-winged blackbird by NaPix

Toucan by doug88888

Empire State pigeon by ZeroOne

Little bird on a branch by Jim Ridley

Bubbles of color by Alfredo11

Fish Atlantic Puffin by Diddý

Eagle understudy by Hennie van Herden

Punk Pelican by Hennie van Herden

Sunshine by Alfredo11

Rainbow Lorikeet inflight by Rosie Ruffles

Gray crown crane by Michael

White pelican fishing by Vanessa Hilliard

Hunting in the snow by Danny Mayan

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