Poster design is the favorite medium of many graphic designers. It gives them a nice surface to express themselves more creatively and exposes their work to many. To inspire you, I chose a set of stunningly designed posters.

1. Inception

Designer: Tomasz Opasinski

2. Batman

Designer: Hexagonall

3. 8 1/2

Designer: Needle Design

4. Calexico

Designer: Malleus

5. Soul Position

Designer: The Heads of State

6. To be surprised

Source: Music Philosophy

7. Karen

Designer: Anders Wallner

8. Altezza

Designer: Axel Pfaender

9. Titanic

Designer: Tomasz Opasinski

10. Mogwai

Designer: Doublenaut

11. Sieur & Dame

Designer: Boris Jakobek

12. Mates of State

Designer: The Small Stakes

13. Of Montreal

Designer: F2 Design

14. Listener

Designer: Shed Labs

15. Neko Case

Designer: The Small Stakes

16. Detroit Cobras

Designer: Strawberry Luna

17. Architecture in Helsinki

Designer: DKNG

18. Thor

Designer: Olly Moss

19. Project 49

Designer: JTP Design

20. Devendra Banhart

Designer: Spike Press

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