iPhone is a unique and attractive smartphone that has won several hearts. Its standard is in no comparison to any other smartphones. Beside Apple, other small companies are also being benefited from iPhone. And those are the iPhone cases companies. There are several iPhone case manufacturers who create really amazing and fabulous iPhone cases that just add extra beauty and safety to the iPhones.
Here are 20 cool iPhone cases that you would not like to miss. Check it out below!

1. Black Gizmo Wooden iPhone Case

Jump into this beautiful Black Gizmo wooden case here. This amazing case also lets you to slide off the cover from the bottom.

Black Gizmo Wooden iPhone Case

2. Carbon Fiber Leather Case

The carbon fiber leather case is both soft and strong which prevents from shock impact. Get it here.

Carbon Fiber Leather Case

3. Exovault Brass Case

The Exovault brass case is a metallic case from the Exovault which has protective brass with vintage look.

Exovault Brass Case

4. Waterproof iPhone Case

Want to take photos underwater but scared of your iPhone being damaged due to water? Then worry no more because waterproof iPhone case is here that keeps your iPhone safe even under water.

Waterproof iPhone Case

5. Bubble Slider iPhone Case

The Bubble Slider iPhone Case has a lot of bubbles all around it, and it lets you slide the cover too.

Bubble Slider iPhone Case

6. Animal Skin iPhone Cases

The animal skin iPhone case is really unique as these cases represent some real animal skin.

Animal Skin iPhone Cases

7. Golden Delicious iPhone Case

The Golden Delicious iPhone Case is made up of solid gold and encrusted with diamonds. It’s one of the most expensive iPhone cases on the market with a price tag of around $108,880.

Golden Delicious iPhone Case

8. Cupid Couple Magenta iPhone Case

The Cupid Magenta iPhone case is a shiny case that comes in the colors of blue and pink with a divided heart between them. This is something perfect for couples.

Cupid Couple Magenta iPhone Case

9. Joyce Rock iPhone Case

Do you want to hide your iPhone under the guise of a rock? Joyce rock iPhone case is perfect choice for you then. The cover absolutely looks like a rock.

Joyce Rock iPhone Case

10. Laser Engraved Bamboo Wood Cases

The laser engraved bamboo wood cases are more artistic and unique in compared to normal wooden iPhone cases.

Laser Engraved Bamboo Wood Cases

11. Zero Iridium iPhone Case

The Zero Iridium iPhone case is made from a special metallic cover which looks really high tech and futuristic compared to other metallic casings.

Zero Iridium iPhone Case

12. Chocolate Bar iPhone Case

All the chocolate lovers, here comes the chococase for your iPhones that make you feel your iPhone as a chocolate bar, but be aware and don’t let it be eaten.

Chocolate Bar iPhone Case

13. De Bethune Timepiece Case

This case is an example of the combination of timepiece clocks and the iPhone case which gives you a solid timepiece right at the back of the iPhone.

De Bethune Timepiece Case

14. Clip Stand iPhone Case

The clip stand iPhone cases make your iPhone stand up like a photo frame and it clips well onto your hand or other places too.

Clip Stand iPhone Case

15. Electrical Outlet iPhone Case

This electrical outlet iPhone case is made very creatively which looks like a real electric outlet that is just ready to plug the power.

Electrical Outlet iPhone Case

16. Retro 80s iPhone Case

Get back to the old age where mobile used to be really large with this retro 80s iPhone case. Revive the feel of 80s phone once again.

Retro 80s iPhone Case

17. iShoes iPhone Case

Get ready to tie up laces for your iPhone because this unique iShoes iPhone cases let you tie up from the back just like a shoe.

iShoes iPhone Case

18. Bottle Opener iPhone Case

Forget the normal bottle opener and open your beer bottle or some coca-cola bottle with this bottle opener iPhone case.

Bottle Opener iPhone Case

19. Monolith Projector iPhone Case

The Monolith projector iPhone case is a very high tech iPhone case model which can be used for projection as well.

Monolith Projector iPhone Case

20. DIY Stichable iPhone Case

This is a very unique and creative concept. In this DIY iPhone case, you can even sew your own pattern as per your wish, interesting right? Grab it here.

DIY Stichable iPhone Case

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